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i dont wanna see my face anymore. i cant look at myself. it is an absolute disgrace. blind people can sense my ugliness. thats how ugly my acne has made me. i just know it. its a joke. haha. i cant go anywhere or do anything. too ashamed. people look at me. even ugly people. people with big noses. fat people. everyone. they feel better about themselves when they see me walk by. Im just a big joke to everyone. im gonna smash my face with a brick until my acne is gone. yep. thats my new strategy. my new plan of attack. nothing else has worked. actually no. no bricks. no nothing. this is it. i'm done. i quit. i quit life. i will not under any circumstances leave my house until my acne is gone. that's it. no exceptions. the humiliation is too much to take. i will lay in bed all day and wait. wait until acne is gone. life is on hold. im not gonna buy anymore products either. none. no more wasted money. i wont even wash my face with water. as a matter of fact, showers are forbidden. no more showers. no more shaving, no more brushing my teeth, no more working out, no more anything. im not even gonna wipe my ass anymore. from now on i am in full dont give a fuck mode. wow i suck

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