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Julia Kennedy

Treating Acne Cysts/Nodules

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Last week I got my first ever Cyst/Nodule on my chin which was so painful and had no puss or anything so I left it alone for a few days and still nothing so I decided to dry it out with cold sore medisin which worked but I still have this little red "sack" on my face which still has something inside and I can't pop it.

Anyhow, 2 new ones formed a couple days ago and ive been trying to dry it out and its not working at all and it feels like I have a bruise on my face and nothings working.

What can I do??

Ive been icing it, putting hot compresses on it, trying to dry it out, drinking tons of water, eating healthy, not touching my face?!?!?!?! =[ and I see another one forming!!!

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perhaps you could go see a dermatologist and request a cortisone injection. I just had 3 shots last week (Tuesday) and my nodules/cysts are gone now. (gone in 3 days) But my derm did not recommend constant usage. So perhaps you could look into that if you're desperate like me.

Good luck!!

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In three days I am taking my 14 year old son to have the Isolaz. I am very excited to see if it will help him. Acne can really hurt a teen's self esteem so I'm praying this works.

I had adult acne really bad until about three months ago... this sounds crazy but I started drinking an antioxidant drink called Jus. It helps so many things but never thought it would help my acne that was just a bonus! i had the cysts and within 4 days they started drying up although they weren't completely gone... it took about 2 or 3 weeks to really see a big difference.

I tried it on my son and it has helped some but not like it did for me... although it CURED his eczema! Teenage/hormonal acne is very different from adult acne... hopefully that means he will grow out of it. I'll try and remember to post the results this weekend.

If you want more info... this is the website I purchased it at ***Mod Edit: Please read the Board Rules***. i think it takes about a week to get it shipped to you

How old are you? They also put my son on an oral antibiotic although I'm not crazy about that. I don't want him on it long term!

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Also, treat your scalp. Think about it, the oil from your scalp runs down in the shower under your chin. Horrible jaw acne. Was getting acne in my hairline, too. Took Accutane, did nothing. Recently started washing my hair in Tgel and letting it sit for a couple of minutes. I had probably two big lumps right under my jaw and eight or nine getting ready to pop up. The two big ones were dried completely up, the next morning and the other ones disappeared. I never thought about doing anything about my scalp until I was like, this is running down my neck and cheeks just like the water in the shower does. Amazing difference.

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