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why should i use acne.org regimen?

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Here's a question I wonder, Why should I use the acne.org regimen? What makes it so good? Seriously I could go to Walgreen or walmart and get a acne kit for $20.00 without having to pay shipping costs, My question is, Is it a way to make Acne.org some money, Or is it to benefit us? Hmm... Like to hear your comments.

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Because Dan is god... :)

Just kidding. I trust Dan's products over others for a few reasons other than how well they perform.

3) Dan is actively trying to further research, development, and recovery from acne. If you check out his blog, you will see updates on a regular basis from his talks with various scientists, the company he produces his products with, and the constant feedback he takes and uses from those who use his products. His enthusiasm for ending acne is a big selling point for me.

2) The products are cheap. On average you'd pay close to 50 dollars or more for the amount of Neutrogena on the Spot. (The closest comparable BP)

And the number one reason I trust Dan and his products:

1) Dan dedicates a huge portion of the bandwidth it takes to run this site for the discussion, research, and participation of treatments other than his own, as well as dedicates an entire forum purely for the emotional support of what acne does to us. This shows he truly is interested in ending the agony that acne is. There is not a single other acne product site out there that allows their members to do this.

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i used everything you could think of and this regimen is the only thing that really really worked.

i am at the 3 month mark now and I dont have any active acne or blackheads or even red marks.

It might cost a little more than others ( i spend about $45 per month) but its so worth it

try it even if you want to prove it wrong youll see. Follow everything dan says and do research of your own, if you find its not working its probably something your doing wrong not the regimen........

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Everyone is different. Having said that, i have tried every damn product for acne in walmart. The acne kits don't have the right things you need. No matter what people think...dan sells his products at a cheaper price than anywhere else and i have never had better results.

My face is clear

my back is not.

god and its almost summer...

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You dont have to use Dan's products to have success on the regime, though most people find they are of better quality and value than others.

Acne.org is not just about making money. For the first 6 years or so of the site Dan did not sell anything, all the information on the regime has always been freely available and he gives us loads of alternative products recommendations to use instead of his. There is no other site like it.

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Here's a question I wonder, Why should I use the acne.org regimen?

Because it just works.

There may be other things that work just as fine. But in my case, this was the one I found first. It worked well for me, so I stuck to it. I don't need to do extensive research or use myself as a guinea pig for different product combinations. All that is done for me by Dan & the community. With a single click, I get a package that's been researched, tested and tried. I follow the instructions, I get the results.

What more could I ask for?

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