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real bad back scars

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anybody else have real bad scarring on their back? what have you tried (and what has worked)? can you get laser surgery on your back, if so what is the strongest?

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Well by back scars do you mean dark spots? Such as where acne has been? If that is the case it's not called "scars" they're called hyper-pigmentation. And this hyper- pigmentation will subside in 6 months to a year on it's own, which chemical properties speeding up the process you can see results in half the time. Hydroquinone seems to be the best as getting rid of hyper- pigmentation, although you do not want to use it when you're using BP because it can temporarily darken the skin.

A good thing though to do before deciding to treat hyper- pigmentation anywhere including your back would be prevention. Hopefully you are on some sort of cleansing regimen on your body as well as your face to help prevent body acne. A simple acne body wash usually does the trick, using 2.5% BP on your back as you would do on your face 2X a day will help you get rid of any acne as well. If you aren't too keen on washing your body as tenaciously as you would your face to prevent acne I suggest Stridex pads or any type of acne pad to help keep your body oil free as well as clean and fresh.

Now if I was wrong about the "scarring" on your back being hyper- pigmentation and it is infact scarring such as cratered or ice pick scarring, the only way to help reverse the damage would be to get some sort of chemical peel or dermabrasion on your back. I haven't heard too much about this sort of thing since body acne isn't as much of a worry as facial acne. Acne- Free has a Severe Acne Kit that has something for ice pick scarring so you could perhaps try that.

I hope some of this helps. : ) Good Luck.

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