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New to acne.org and the regimen

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hey guys im planning on buying the regimen soon just gotta tell my mom bout it and i have some q's that i need to get clarified

first q-

i used proactiv before and would use it always at night like right before i go to bed, can i do that with the regimen too? or do i have to use it twice a day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night?

second q-

also are you supposed to use this everyday, cuz when i used proactiv i would only use it 3-4 days a week or like on the weekends only cuz it would dry my skin out too much when i used it everyday

last q-

also i know the kit is about 35.00 but does anyone know what the final total is with tax and shipping? i live in san diego, CA btw, will it be expensive or not too bad?

thanks again! :D

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i would rec reading a lot of things under the get clear tab even if you're just a little curious about the regimen. it tells you a lot of helpful info, esp. about what you can expect going thru the process week 2 week.

to your third question, i don't know the exact amount, but i live in cali .. i would buy the 16 oz treatment minus the cleanser n moisturizer .. it came out to almost 50 dollars for standard shipping. it was always got to my place in 3 days, and i thought that was pretty fast.

good luck.

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The Regimen is designed to be used twice a day (morning and evening--ideally about twelve hours apart), every day.

As den_den suggested, you should probably read through The Regimen instructions, the FAQs, the What To Expect page, and the Biggest Mistakes page. There's quite a bit of information on those pages, and you'll probably find answers to many of the questions you may have.

The total price is going to vary depending on which shipping option you chose. Since the items don't have to be shipped that far, it probably won't be much.

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