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The Regimen that seems to be working.

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Hi everybody!

I'm James and i got on the program around a month ago.

The type of acne i struggle with is mild yet stubborn; i usually get it from the eyes down, around my mouth and cheeks.

I have tried Monodox, Antibiotis, Benzil Cline, Reteni.

I have really sensitive skin, like when i wash it, or get food on it, it gets really red.

Also, i think i am allergic to certain products.

Anyways, i started around a month ago,

And all seemed to be going well.

I was doing exactly what the regimen said to do.

But, my acne wasn't truly gone, and i was still having some breakouts.

Then 4 days ago i broke out really bad.

And i said "oh what the heck"

And tried a new way of putting my products on.

First i do my cleanser, nothing new there.

Then, instead of two pumps of acne.org Benzil treatment; i do 4..

And take notice, this is all going on the lower part of my face. aka; my eyes down, from ear to ear.

I skipp the step 3.

wait around 15 mins.

Then i take my "neutrogena on the spot"

And put big globs wherever i have a troublesome zit; and i don't rub it im.

I am homeschooled, so i don't have a problem with having white crap on my face at school.

Well, so far, with this new regimen, things are getting alot better!

in only 4 days, i went from like

level 6 acne to level 2.

The only bad part about it, is it makes my face really dry,

but so far, not to bad.

Tell me your thoughts!

If this is just a quick fix,

or if i can keep doing this all a long term thing.



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Well, I'm not on the regimen, but it sounds good to me.

It's just that if you're not happy with the dry skin thing that's going on, it's because of all the benzoyl peroxide you're putting on then the addded spot treatment on top of it....

but other than that, good luck. I hope it works out for you! :D

P.S. You probably know that already, but I just thought I would point it out.

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my experience w/ this is that you are going to pay for it soon..drying out your skin too much is going to lead to irritation and eventually more break outs. I highly recommend you find a gentle oil free moisturizer and use it after the bp everyday. (purpose is a great moist. add a drop of jojoba oil and it will blend into your face easier)

*remember to be gentle when applying the products. w/ the moisturizer i likee to spread it over my face lightly touching the skin then pat it in gently. I think it helps prevent the "balling up"

of the bp..

*you can still do the spot treatment, either avoid those areas w/ the moisturizer or spot treat after the moist.

good luck!

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