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Concealer for guys

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Does using concealer say something about your sexuality? Can people notice?

I want to use concealer for the darkness under my eyes but I don't want anyone to know, and I also don't know what to do. Could someone explain to me what to buy and how to apply it?


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There is obviously no correlation between using cosmetics and sexuality. Do whatever you want with your own body and your own skin so that you are comfortable in it. As for people noticing, if would use it sparingly and perhaps build it up over time, then people you know shouldn't be able to recognise an immediate change :)

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Covering dark circles is hard, probably more difficult then red or brown marks . Physician's Formula makes products that are yellowish in color to combat the blue. sometimes its a stick and you can use your finger to dab it on.

Some of my guy friends are actors and use a bit of make up now and then. not a big deal at all. I'd just suggest going as lightly as possible.

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i agree with paddyrags.

and choosing the right shade is a hard thing to do because it can be a lot of trial and error. i would suggest looking up a lot of reviews, and trying out samples if they're available. there's also a lot of makeup application tutorials on youtube, if you didn't know that.

i don't use under eye concealer all the time, but when i do, i use the matte mousse concealer from maybelline. it's very easy to put on, and the coverage is pretty good.

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