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Generic Yasmin

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I tried Yasmin about 6 years ago but only stayed on it for about 2 months and then switched back to Tri Sprintec due to price. I can't even remember if I had any good or bad experiences with the Yasmin.

I just noticed that there is a generic version of Yasmin available called Ocella. I'm not sure how long it's been around, but it sure wasn't around back when I first tried switching. I just went back on the pill after being off for about 4 months. I was on Tri Sprintec and my doctor put me on Sprintec instead to see if a monophasic pill would work better for me than the triphasic.

Sprintec has not been terrible, but I have gained about 2.5 pounds and feel I'm retaining a lot more water (I tend to retain a lot of fluid no matter what, even if I cut out all salt and try to be very careful). And I could just have not noticed before, but it seems like since starting Sprintec I not only have a bit more unwanted dark hair growth, but a lot more fine blonde hair in places I never had it before (my knuckles, temples, etc). The hormone in Yasmin/Ocella is supposed to be good for both fluid retention and unwanted hair growth, so I am considering making the switch.

I'm nervous for a few reasons, which I'm going to discuss with my gyn, but I think it's also extremely valuable to get the opinions of people who actually take Ocella and have first hand insight:

1. I'm in my mid 30s now, and every hormonal shift lately seems to trigger an episode of telogen effluvium (hair thinning/loss). I don't know if switching from Sprintec to Ocella would set that off again.

2. I am pretty fair skinned and never had melasma at all until I briefly tried Yaz about 2 years ago, and now I have these "tan" splotches on my forehead, upper lip and beside my nose. I was also on Spiro at the time, so it's possible Yaz didn't cause the melasma, but I'm concerned because unless I'm mistaken Yasmin and Yaz have the same hormones.

3. I don't smoke or anything, but I am getting older, and all these TV commercials about lawsuits against Yasmin have me wondering whether the risks of things like blood clots are something I should be very concerned about.

Is anyone on Ocella and do you have any opinions on these concernes? If you've been using Ocella for a while have you had any luck with water retention and/or hair growth?

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