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Stupid Dermatologist... Need Advice


This is my first post! I am 25 and have been suffering from acne forever. I am now in grad school and have awesome school health insurance so now that I can afford the accutane, I decided to go for it. I went to the dermatologist and told him I wanted to go on accutane and he says "ok you're skin and lips will get dry and don't get pregnant." That's it. So I asked a few questions and his answers were always "it's different for everyone, I can't give you an answer." Unfortunately he is the only dermatologist at my school and I really want to stick with the accutane because I have heard such great things about it. But I am completely lost as far as how I'm doing because my stupid derm just has no answers.

I'm in week 6 and still getting massive cyst like acne that are red and sensitive. Should I pop them to make them smaller? Is there a topical I should put on to help them go down?

Week 4 and part of week 5 were awesome - my pores got much smaller and my skin got tighter. But now I'm completely breaking out and my pores have doubled in size. My skin looks worse than before I started the accutane. My hair has gotten greasy again. Is all this normal?


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My derm told me that the third month is when people usually start seeing major results.

You may be having your initial breakout.

I'd recommend that you not pop your cysts. Skin scars really easily when you're on Accutane.

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It is probably the inital breakout. sometimes it takes others longer to break out because its deeper in the skin. (from what i've researched) just keep at it and take good care of your skin.

best of luck!

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