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Anyone try Vichy Normaderm?

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I've used the normaderm anti-imperfection hydrating care and it was fantastic! I used it for about a year but I started Dianette in that time and my skin was very much less oily so I no longer needed it. It mattifies your face all day and it made my pores and blackheads alot less noticeable and eventully reduced them even without the moisturiser. I wish my skin was still oily enough to use it but its too dry for it now. I'd defo go for the normaderm products if you can :) The only bad thing about them is that they're pricey!

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hah, that product brings back memories. I was using this back in the day when my skin was mostly clear, I used to have a supply of that stuff the night time anti-imperfection mattifying moisturer.

That stuff worked sooo well, made your skin so matte and nice looking, i can only imagined how great it would make it look if your skin was clear. But i stopped using it because i switched to natural and organic skin care..or atleast less chemicals because im worried about that stuff messing up my skin in the long run.Im also scared that if i used that now, it would break me out, because most chemical make up primers and mattifyers do..

A natural alternative to this is Milk of Magnesia 7-10 dollars a bottle, all natural and wont break you out, thats what i use if i need it, specially on my eyebrows.

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