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OCM before or after DKR or not at all?

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Well anywho here is my story so far. Im 18 and have had acne for about 3 years which has been terrible. I decided to look into some treatments but i was a bit skeptical about the DKR as i wanted to try an all natural method first (im kind of a health freak). Anyway i saw the OCM and it looked interesting and i thought this would be the miracle cure for my acne.

I tried the OCM for about 2 months with all different types of oils, jojoba, castor, olive, tea tree, eucalyptus. Sometimes i would use them individually and sometimes i would mix and match them i did alot of experimenting. Although it didn't make my acne any better or any worse i believe it was great for exfoliation as i would see dead skin coming off and it made my skin super smooth.

I then booked an appointment with a Naturopath to see if they could provide an answer for my problem. The Naturopath said what i was doing was good for external treatment but he would give me some oral medicines to take to heal me internally. He said it would work by controlling my hormone secretion and cleansing my liver. It sounded great so i decided to buy the medicines which i had to take twice a day for a month and it cost me quite a bit of money, one was called R53. To my dissapointment it really didn't do anything so i decided not to go back.

So i finally decided enough was enough and was going to try the DKR. I've been on the DKR for about 6 weeks now and my left side is finally clearing with only one active pimple left however my forehead has been breaking out like crazy lately. I have alot of hyperpigmentation on my left cheek that is taking forever to fade which i believe is due to the negative healing properties that benzoyl peroxide has on the skin. I am standing strong and sticking with the DKR for at least 3 months so i hopefully i will be all clear by then and i have a great girlfriend who is there to support me the whole way.

Anywho back to my origonal question. Just wondering if it is ok to do the OCM before or after the DKR for exfoliation? I know your not supposed to tamper with the DKR until you are completly clear but i desperatly need to get rid of this hyperpigmentation. I've also tried lemon and honey for it which is pretty good.

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It's best not to change things up or use different products until your acne is clear and has been cleared for awhile. If you feel that your skin could benefit from some exfoliation, you might try the AHA + lotion. It has 10% glycolic acid and is Dan's preferred method of exfoliating.

Hope that helps.

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i've got AHA and 16 oz bp on order and very exited to try AHA. i'm running out of bg argh might have to buy some nuetrogena on the spot until the order arrives

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