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A store-brand cleanser that does MIRACLES!

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First, I live in Israel and I found this cleanser in an Israeli store - do not expect to find it anywhere else. But I think that sharing the ingredient list might help you find something similar.

I'm 27 years old and suffer from a bad breakout for the last two years. I have tried everything but Accutane: antibiotics, different cleansers, BP, the Regimen, Proactiv, Exposed - all helped to a certain degree but did not solved the problem, and they all have drawback as well.

I was losing hope and nearly decided to go to a doctor and ask for the dreaded Accutane... but than a last minute MIRACLE was found!

I came across a store-brand product medicated to not over dry your skin while helping it heal faster. It is made of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil and other ingredients (including, surprisingly, alcohol). It smells great, it leaves you skin smooth and soft and NOT dry. On top of all - it costs around $7 in local currency! The pharmacist was telling me that it is well worth the try from her experience... and I was willing to give it a try as a last resort...

I've been waiting for 3 weeks to post my experience with it just to make sure I'm not dreaming: this stuff WORKS! I have maybe one new whitehead, no inflammations at all, and previous spots just heal so quickly! and I have non of the ill effects of the other active ingredients: no drying, sun-sensitivity, danger to fabrics.... NONE!

Attached is a picture the ingredient list of the cleanser - I hope it might help someone as much as it helped me!



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Sounds pretty promising, can you send me some from Israel :D . Just kidding, anyways good luck I hope this continues working for you.

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