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exfoliating tips (non-baby brush)

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I'm looking for some tips on how to exfoliate while on the regimen.

Im doing the full regimen + aha and jojoba and I'm still super flaky. I tried the baby brush but i found it to be intensely irritating, I find it less irritating to rub my face raw with a dry towel.

any tips? I'm thinking of maybe some kind of sponge or something.

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I am not on the regimen so I don't want to tell you that you SHOULD be exfoliating at all. because i'm not sure.

However, my skin is very sensitive and also i'm on a retinoid and gets lots of flakiness.

I tried the super super soft baby brush method. The idea of it was great but it felt like I was brushing off every layer of my skin down to the bone, it was so irritating and painful. There are soft sponges that are used for faces that I think work better. For me, I'm just using a cotton ball and that seems to work okay for me, takes a bit longer but its less painful then a brush (which i am now actually using on my feet, I cant believe I actually tried it on my face).

I would check out soft gentle facial sponges, that are more smooth then the ones that are course and have lots of gouges in them.

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One thing I found useful at the start of the regimen:

At the end of my shower after washing my hair/self etc, I would gently rub my face in small circles with the pads of my fingers. This was especially useful for really flaky skin, without being overly irritating. You could actually feel the balls of dead skin slough off and wash away.

Hope that helps.

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