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Does depression helps or am I crazy?

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Lately, I've been feeling like crap. Many, many things are going on right now :rolleyes: .

I wouldn't say it's stress, it's more like sadness. Not stress.

Even tough my scars are still there, like always, I feel like my acne is getting better... and I've been doing the same things I usually do, like drinking LOTS of water and avoiding sugar, etc.

Oh, and I've been avoiding sex :shifty:

for almost 2 weeks now...

But I've done that before, and didn't help!

That's why I'm guessing it's the fact about me feeling like garbage which is helping right now.

Have you ever considered this?

Or am I just going through strange "bad-good-luck" times right now?

Edit: I can't blame the lack of sex anymore. :shifty:

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I know I've been pretty hardcore bouncing the last year or so. I don't have any advice to give, but I wanted to hop in here and say "Man, I totally get this post...."

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Well, For starters that fact you feel anything is a good sign.. Depression most definetly doesn't help someone; Especially, if it's over an extended period of time.. Depression Can be something that can lead someone to care about other people more, once their over it but depression can do the complete opposite.. Umm, The sadness Could lead you not wanting to have sex.. Sadness affects the mind, which can be influenced by the hormones being pumped into your head.. Also, the fact that you mentioned your acne appears to be getting better, Would explain the less stress or no stress but more sadness of being through all what you've been through.

THe orginal blog of text is really hard to understand; maybe you could rephrase what exact your goin through?

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Have you been avoiding sex to clear your skin? I'm not sure I've heard of that one before, but if it doesn't help, then why avoid? (I'm not promoting promiscuity here, folks, I'm just saying ;) ) I think sexual well-being plays a big role in mental well-being. Sex can raise the levels of seratonin and dopamine, which can certainly have an impact on your mood.

Besides that, sometimes people just fall into ruts. Maybe finding something new (sport, hobby, music, learning?) can help you snap outta the funk.

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