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Ethnic skin treatment

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Since I know that this site is lacking in the ethnic skin department I have just decided to take it upon myself to share whatever information I come across.

If you are able to get to a dermatologist please make sure that dermatologist has major expertise in ethnic skin. I cannot stress this enough.


This site is awesome. It has a wealth of information and helps your find a good quality dermatologist that specializes in ethnic skin. Please explore the site. Because of this site, I found at least two dermatologists in the New York area that I will contact next week for an appointment. Plus, my insurance covers this so that is another blessing.


This is a site for board certified dermatologist Dr. Crutchfield III. He is stationed in Minnesota.


The founder of this medical spa has contributed major things to dermatology. He invented cosmetic lasers that are effective on ethnic skin. Cultura Cosmetic Medical Spa


Dr. Downie in New Jersey.


Dr. Susan Taylor in Philadelphia. She has a skin care line for ethnic skin. I think it is called rx for brown skin. I would not recommend it. Those products burnt the hell out of my skin.


Dr. Fran E. Cook-Bolden in New York City. Her site looks a bit sketchy. She needs to update that.


This is not an exact link to the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital but it gives you all the contact information and what they specialize in. This center is exclusively catered to ethnic skin care and all the various cosmetic and medical treatments that you may need. They have a team of doctors and staff that are renowned for their work.


This is the Center for Ethnic skin at Northwestern University. Contact information is within the article.


This is the Multicultural Dermatology Clinic. They have three locations within the Henry Ford Health System. This is based in Michigan.


The University of Miami has an ethnic skin care unit as well. Details are in the link. I did not see a separate link for this unit.

I hope this helps a little. I will look for more information.

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That's nice but it does not share any resources for dermatologists that specialize in ethnic skin. Most people with ethnic skin can already see their problem in the mirror. If they have the ability to go to a dermatologist more often than not that dermatologist ends up making matters worse because he/she does not have enough experience in treating ethnic skin. Hence, me posting what I did.

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I have started using Clear Essence Lemon Vitamin c collection because it has a non hydroquinone base I have acne mostly on my chin and blotchy redness that gets dry on my cheeks. But also my skin is sensitive. I also got the toner and the moisturizer from the same lemon collection and my skin has imporved greatly in only 3 weeks. the acne has almost completly went awat on my chin and the dryness has also ceased My auntie used the medicated cleansing bar, it has 3% hydroquinone and sulphur but her acne was more severe. She has used this product forever just started doing a skin regimine 5 months ago with Neutogena but it was not helping

Clear Essence is amazing!

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thanks honeymaid,i have ethnic skin too. this thread was a great idea.

edited to ask: why is it posted in this forum? i rarely come in here and would have missed it.

Edited by almost pretty

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