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colon cleansing

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this radio station in houston tried the colon cleansing kit from Blessed Herbs and though they were making fun of it at the beginning, they realized that it actually worked for them. this comprehensive colon cleansing kit is supposed to clean out all the mucoid plaque which in turn gives you a much clearer complexion. one of the dj's said that his skin looks much better after this cleanse. when i can afford it i think i will try it.

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When you do try it, Malia, please post your results! I firmly believe that if you get any gunk, toxins, and garbage out of our bodies, it can only serve to help. Bonne chance!

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I actually do own an do-it-yourself-at-home colonic kit. It cost me $200 (sheesh, I know), but it really has helped me out quite a bit in ridding my bowels of all that nasty stuff. Plus, the 'clean' feeling after a colonic is fantastic (those who have done them before know what I'm talking about). I would definitely recommend buying one if you've got the bucks.

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Guest Stu :-)

Oh my god. Look at that sh1t in blessedherbs.com I going to have to buy one of those kits soon. I don't want any of that in my system!

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Wow thats defintely hardcore system cleansing biggrin.gif

Just hope the toilet can handle a flush after something like that - otherwise it could be a nasty suprise for the next one to visit. lol

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