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chicago scar face


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I have been reading a lot about dermarolling but can never find a good time to get the procedure done.

I am a college student and its very difficult for me to miss class

i was wondering if i get dermarolling done after my class on thursday afternoon would i be able to come out in public by monday without people noticing?

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Downtime varies, but you might be a bit red. If you search through some of the threads here you might find a better answer, a thread called 'ok guys' by lamaar is full on information about dermarolling.

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a lot depends on the length of the roller???? a 1.0 mm roller heals pretty

quick, couple of days. a 1.5 takes a little longer. a "professional" 3.0 mm

causes some bruising, a week minimum, maybe longer.

a lot depends on whether you're doing it, or a doctor/esty???? professionals

seem to be more aggressive and might take longer to heal???

Do you heal quickly, generally speaking???? Cuts/ bruises, that kind of thing???

don't really know your situation, but generally a 1mm needs to be done

once a month and you will be red a day or two. the 1.5mm you can do thursday

and be a little red monday, but nothing freakish. Every 6-8 weeks generally


I did really "heavy" rolls twice with a 1.5mm on mondays. By thursday I was

still red but nothing weird. Just looked like a sunburn. I worked on Saturday,

5 days later. Personally, I think you'll be fine with the Th-Monday schedule.

Remember to avoid the sun for a couple of weeks afterwords.

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i will be going to a place called chicagopermanentcosmetics.com and the length of 1.5 mm

generally i feel like i heal quickly

and thanks for your help i really just need to get in there n get it done and not procrastinate

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really wish you the best of luck with the procedure.

i feel most lurking or active with posting here have

put up with the"inner pain" of dealing with scars,

self included. I know you are moving in the right

direction, whatever treatment you choose.

Thought I'd throw in my experience with "fear".

I was terrified the first time I 1.5 rolled. I was

petrified. Fear of infection, of screwing up

my face even more, etc. After reading everything

I could, I just did it. Now I have zero fear of

rolling at all. My results are steady and positive.

best of luck chicago

Edited by scoobie_do
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really wish you the best of luck with the procedure.

i feel most lurking or active with posting here have

put up with the"inner pain" of dealing with scars,

self included. I know you are moving in the right

direction, whatever treatment you choose.

Thought I'd throw in my experience with "fear".

I was terrified the first time I 1.5 rolled. I was

petrified. Fear of infection, of screwing up

my face even more, etc. After reading everything

I could, I just did it. Now I have zero fear of

rolling at all. My results are steady and positive.

best of luck chicago


I'm scared of doing a roll on myself and have been trying to find a derm that will do one for me...

How aggressive are you when you roll? Do you use a numbing cream? What kind of results are you getting? What kind of scarring do you have?

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My scarring started from acne in my late teens. Rolling scars. Initially,

on a 1-10 scale, maybe a 7. I had dermabrsion, which was as deep as

you can go, about 13 years ago. It left my skin pigmented differently,

scar lines. Uneven. It did fill in some of my craters, which was a plus.

With time my skin, not from acne, began regressing to its former self.

Collagen injections and chemical peels did not help. Craters comiing back.

My derm was no help at all.

So in december 08 i did a chemical peel myself, to "correct" the situation.

Afterword I auditioned for "the terminator" part 2, with my face looking

horrible. It just did not heal that way it use to heal.

A year ago this time i did two .5mm rolls, and in early may 09 a 1mm roll.

I found a topical i like and began using them, along wit led's. Over the

summer last year i had positive results with just a 1mm roll and topicals.

In Sept I did my first 1.5mm roll, which was OK. My next 2 rolls in November 09

and Feb of this year were really agressive.


there are a lot of points of view on rolling, but this is my philosophy:

1. I roll aggressively (but smartly,carefully when I'm doing it). I tried counting rows, etc

but i always loose count. I just do it by "feel", until I know its been raked over

really well. A certain time has gone by. I believe in a heavy roll followed by 2-3 months

of rest. My face is really sore after rolling.

2. i use emla cream per the Bulgarian derm/lamar1986's advice

3. results: for me i'm in a marathon. in early spring i was disappointed i hadn't seen

quicker results. Here's the deal though, I'm DEFINATELY seeing positive results.

Its better than a derm with wackey advice/bs who (to me) doesn't care about me,

the pain I feel inside from scaring, who gives me no hope. But that's just my past

of dealing with these people. I am finally on a course where I will have good skin.

I am absolutely, absolutely convinced of this.

I can see it materializing on my own face. Now I'm dealing more with pigmentation

problems from my dermabrasion than anything else. I'm getting positive (not BS)

feedback from friends. My only negative about rolling is the time factor, but

others have had quicker results than me.

My tools are: rolling 1.5mm 2-3 months; good topicals; led's ; ultrasound; and using a

heat mask.

Something to consider for those rolling themselfs: a "step-up" approach when you

first, first roll. Start with a .5mm and use it a couple of times. Then a 1mm at

least once, before using a 1.5mm. You can perfect your technique a little

with the shorter needles, and not be so scared of doing it.

best wishes "zx", hope some of this was helpful

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Hi Scoob!

Excellent, excellent info!!

So did u get scars filling in permanently from using a 1.0mm ? or just plumping up the skin temporarily?

I am going to go slow, like you suggest, and start off with a dermstamp (rather than a dermaroller) and start off at 0.8mm. I like the novadermastamp.

Kind Regards,


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what brand topical vitamin C cream r u using?

Or in general what topical cream r u using and did u use it pre rolling, and how long (weeks) before rolling?


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I think the 1.0mm began the process of scars filling in. I have to

say, i really don't have "craters" now. From my dermabrasion years

ago they filled in somewhat, but were receeding in the same place they use to be.

They were not as deep as before, but were noticable. Very noticable and

worse that my emerging craters was the aweful 2"X2" skin discoloration

on my left cheek from my chemical burn. Today my skin is much better

than my pre-burn days. My right cheek craters have almost completely

evened out now. My skin went from looking "whitish", unhealthy,

uneven, to where its more color, vibrant, etc. I feel I'm right in the middle

of the process right now. I'm finally over a hump if you will to where

I'm now more positive about myself and appearence, which took what a year for

me. A year ago my skin was just horrible. Really.

Anyone who has had dermabrasion and has the "whitish", "scarish" looking

texture looking skin. It is possible to reverse it. For me its been a slow

process but its coming around now.

I'm still considering a roll next week, but may let it ride until September.

I have a personal bias against rolling in the summer because of UV radiation.

I'll never roll past May, going into summer, until September. But like I said,

that's just me.

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Hey Scoob!

U r an inspiration with updating us on your improvement! Thanks! :)

do you think you got more improvement from the dermaroller or the dermabrasion?

and you mean that 'whitish' skin has improved or resolved with the dermaroller?

Glad to hear you got improvement with the 1.00mm, as ihave already ordered my dermastamp which is 0.8mm, but i would think that .2mm difference is not going to make much of a diff.

My scarring is minor, and shallow, so hoping i can get good results with just the 0.8mm, so it's encouraging what u said about it improving your scars.

Best, Best Wishes,


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Did anyone here have any deep scars that responded positively to needling? I know my shallow scars have improved from it, but it seems like this deeper one is a little worse since I started needling it.

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After having dermabrasion myself, i could not recommend it to anyone.

I was never happy with the results, although the doctor who perfomed

it kept trying to convince me how great the results were. Rolling to

me is a better option, at least for me. Rolling and everything else I'm

doing is improving my "plastic" looking skin from dermabrasion. Normal

color is coming back, it just is looking like "regular" skin now.

Smoothmove, i've kind of noticed the same. There are two deeper spots

on my left cheek, I keep looking at and they are the only "craters" that

aren't responding. Maybe a 10-15% improvement in a year. Anything

shallower responded well. My scarring a year ago I would rate maybe

a "4" on a 1-10 scale. Not mild, not severe, but "moderate". I don't remember

a lot of reports, if any, of anyone with severe, severe scarring responding

to rolling. I think its safe to say rolling helps mild/moderate scarring, but

deeper?????????????????? Not trying to persuade anyone with deep scarring not

to try rolling though. I've seen some photos of some people with pretty deep

scarring who responded to rolling. Just an opinion, but I think really deep

scarrs might need a deeper 3mm roll to get into the dermis, but its just a guess.

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If u were dont press down too hard like i do with my 1.5mm dermaroll. You can pretty much recover by monday, but u will have a little redness still. But I dont care what people think and it looks more like a tan then anything after 4 days.

When i press hard on my 1.5mm dermaroll and i see micro beeds of blood, it takes about a week to a week and a half to recover normally.

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I bet you're right scoobie, about the 3mm for deep ones. That's why I've been individually needling certain scars. Unlike with a dermaroller, I can go a bit deeper with a lancet. This is the scar I was talking about. If you contrast the lighting, you can get an idea of how deep it is. When in the sunlight, it looks like a hole in my face. I am considering on doing a log to show any of the progress (hopefully).



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yeah smoothmove, i see what ur talking about. The two i have are similar in

depth, but much smaller, separated by maybe a half inch. Your skin above

the scar looks pretty good. Maybe some piementation/flat scar on your chin

below the big one, and a little pigmentation problem on your cheek. Actually

your skin looks pretty good! Do you do dermarolling??? What's worked for

you?? I'm always trying to improve on what i'm doing.

Honey, its too difficult for me to compare the 1mm vs 1.5, because i've mostly 1.5

rolled. Just an opinion, but anyone with mild/light scarring to me should first

try a 1mm to see if that solves their problem first. Its less invasive and less

risk for screw ups. I was seeing results by rolling with a 1mm (it was a HEAVY roll)

only once (the last time I 0.5mm rolled, I also mildly used the 1mm just to get

a feel for it). After that I rolled "heavy" with the 1mm.

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hi scoobie,

I think that long scar used to be two separate ones that joined after doing some TCA cross. You can't really tell from that angle, but there's a whole mess underneath it too. A combination of raised and rolling scars. I have a 3 line dermaroller that I bought in the fall, but have been too chicken to use it yet. I have used 50% TCA cross and needling off and on, which appear to have worked for some scars. I wasn't so militant about needling till about a year ago, so this could explain my slow results and why I've still been working on my scars for almost 4 years.

Still, even now my method is a little erratic and I'm not using any topicals or supplements like I probably should be. What product of vit. c serum do you use? And would you mind further explaining this heat mask that you use?

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Smooth, the heat mask heats the skin to 10,000 degrees C,

which is guarenteed to remove all scars (just kidding obviously).


the notorious mask is above. I know someone's gonna comment this is

the dumbest thing they've ever heard of. A biochemist recommended it on

another site. 8 minutes, not too hot to damage skin. You microwave it

for 1.5 minutes to heat it up. Basically the same concept as healing heat

on muscle tissue, after inflamation is gone to draw nutrients to the area,

and perhaps accelerate scar dissipation. I use 302 skincare vitamin c

(both c-boost and lightning drops).

Smooth, come up with a game plan. I've had a 40% improvement (give or take)

in a year), and just made a committment to myself a few days ago to work

hard and be deligent, whatever it take, for another 40% in the next year

starting May 1. That'll put me around 65-70% in a two year period. From

where I was, I'll take that anyday. I'm

not saying to dermaroll, there's a lot of great ideas here for improving.

Yes Honeygirl............ I'm a "candy-ass" who used numbing cream wit the 1.0 mm.

I was semi-flammed a while back for doing so. lol

EDIT: honey please read the warning/precautions about using emla:


the bulgarian derm said:


Just thought you should know that numbing creams such as EMLA are pretty dangerous in high doses. This is especially true when applying saran wrap over the area of application, since more of the anesthetic is absorbed through the skin and becomes systemic. I don't know which site advises using the technique and quantity of the cream you mentioned in your post, but I strongly advise you against trying it. At the very least you may be damaging your organs (ie: liver, kidneys, etc...) and in the worst scenario it's game over. In other words, there have been documented cases of death from over application of numbing cream. "



Any anaesthetic (even in small doses) can inflict acute and often reversible damage on organs. Sometimes the effects can be chronic in nature. In very rare cases they become life threatening. This is especially true when the cream is used in a fashion not originally considered/intended by the manufacturer. Occlusion is one of the ways it was not intended for use, and the warnings and dosing parameters set forth by Asla, the producer of this cream, relates specifically to normal numbing practices.

Perhaps you haven't heard about this because the medical community realizes that (a) sometimes the use of anaesthetic is required and the benefits outweight the risks, and (b) telling the patient about it can sometimes cause him/her to cancel a particular treament and seek another less effective means of dealing with their illness, condition, etc... Of course if you ask your doctor about this, who has as you say, used numbing cream (in relatively high doses and by way of occlusion) for quite some time, then it's very unlikely he'll admit there any risks to it.

A few years back when I started doing simple procedures on people I was using numbing cream. Then I ended up dropping it except for special cases where there was no other way to approach a given procedure.

BTW, the facial skin tends to absorb substances a lot more efficiently than other parts of the body. While one may think this is not a large enough surface area to raise any concerns, many dermatologists who perform facial procedures feel otherwise. This is especially true in light of the fact that we're tlking about dermarolling procedures, which indeed will increase the absorbtion of the anaesthetic cream residue even after a time lapse (from the time of application) of 1 hour. Now if you guys don't believe this, that's certainly your prerogative.

You can research numbing cream mishaps and make your own deductions. There is also a reason why EMLA cream is usually sold by prescription only. Furthermore, applying it at home in the high doses mentioned here, right before a needling procedure, is quite worrysome. If you like even contact the manufacturer and ask them if they recommend occlusion. I already know the answer to this. "

lamar1986 has a good plan if ur going to use emla on his thread.

best wishes

Edited by scoobie_do
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scoobie - where do you order your dermarollers from? please PM me if this site doesn't allow links to products or anything. i'm also curious as to how you sanitize both the roller and your face before doing a roll?

40% improvement sounds great.. congrats!

im debating whether or not to do a total fx or try dermarolling.. i just dont want to end up worse than where i'm at now :(

Edited by zxcv
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"Zc" , hope your doing well. Maybe 4 years ago I got an infection on my

face from collegen injections, which has definately scared me as far as

disinfecting and "infection control".

Member ckim had some good points:


What I do:

1. Before rolling clean/disinfect the room as much as possible. I have an air-filter on in the room to remove as much dust as possible.

2. Wash hands with bentadine surgical scrub, put on sterile gloves (u can purchase at medical supply store -- $1)

3. My rollers say they are "sterile"??? I open the package, first check for bent rollers by holding it up in a bright light (i used to use a magnifying glass, but found just holding it up close to my face works).

4. Put it in "polident" for 3 minutes, with a sterile 3x3 gauze pad under it (remember not to damage needles)

5. Rinse with 92% isopropyl really, really well

6. Put in a plastic container (which I've pre-disinfected with boiling water, then bentadine, then isopropyl) containing 92% isopropyl alcohol until the roller is submerged in the alcohol, under a 3x3

7. Take shower and wash face, last thing, with 3x3, wash face with isopropyl), dry off, get dressed

8. Wash hands with bentadine "surgical scrub"

9. Put on sterile gloves

10. Apply bentadine to face, and wait a few minutes. Remove bentaine with 3x3 and alcohol.

11. Apply numbing cream, and wait 30 minutes. (after 30 min, wash hands again with surgical scrub, and put on another sterile glove)

12. Take submerged roller out of alcohol and place on 3x3, air dry

13. Remove numbing cream with 3x3.

14. Apply bentadine to face, and wait a few minutes. Remove bentaine with 3x3 and alcohol.

15. Roll (i roll wearing the sterile gloves). Roll until that area is finished.

16. Apply bentadine to face, and wait a few minutes. Remove bentaine with 3x3 and alcohol.

17. After roll, roller goes back in alcohol (submerged) until next I do the next section.

18. To carefully care for my roller after I'm completely done, I throw it in the trash because I never reuse them. Its a one time thing with me.

Just what I do.... like ckim said, probably overkill. I really wish you the best with whatever

road you go down. Look foreword in the future to your "positive results". I know

you are going to improve.

Edited by scoobie_do
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