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My Post-Pantothenic Acid Story ( b5 Warning )

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Everybody has a different biological composition and everyone will react to

acne regimens in their own way for someone might not be lacking what the next person is.

So I think It's important I put my little story out there, because it might help 1 or 2 people.

In late 2008, i found out about pantothenic acid on the internet.I bought it even though at that time, my acne had been sort of mild.

To characterize my skin, it's safe to say its thick, cause these pores seem to go down forever.

It's so oily that i cant even wear eyebrow liner because it slides off after 2 hours. I have a mix of Big red ones that are sore days before it pops out.White heads, Clogged pores, oily pores and SCARS. My skin has just always been like this,flunctuating between dull clearish skin and this combination acne i just listed.

Anyways I bought like 6 jars of this stuff, took 1000mg X 10 everyday, and after 1 month, my skin was no longer oily, pores were tightened, and I experienced pretty clear skin for about 4-5 months.I had to stop because, I didnt have the money to continue at the time, i had expenses that kept me from dishing out the money for it. My skin stayed clear for about 3 months after i stopped taking the pills...which was nice.I told myself i was going to return to the regimen soon when i got the money to.Skin started getting bad again...went through a period of using topical things--Tea Tree Oil and i think i permanently ruined my skin with that stuff cus i used it pure and undiluted.After

a month of using tea tree oil first on its own and then after making a mix w/ aloe, my skin was just not responding to ANYTHING anymore...and by late 2009 early 2010, it just--exploded.

It was horrible. I felt like i was being attacked by zits, everywhere on my face of all different types and sizes.I had no social life for half a year.And also, my school has suffered..quite a bit because refusing to go to school + anxiety attacks over my skin.

Well out of desperation i bought a second round of b5 bottles.

While taking the introductory 5 pills a day, my skin continued to grow worse.

I tried Tea Tree Oil Soap, worsened it.I tried grey clay soap, worsened it I tried pure vegetable glycerin soap, that worsened it too!These two soaps are suppose to be the biggest acne fighters!

but they broke me out so bad!I thought that it was just my skin being the way it was not the soaps..so I panicked.

I started reading things on this board about B 5 not working the second time, and also I ve read at least one post about b5 permanently worsening your acne.I decided to just stop witht he b5 even though i have all these extra bottles because i dont want to risk making my skin even harder to clear in the future.

I bought oatmeal soap bar from the same company as the previous bars. Finally, it cleansed my skin without breaking me out.And it started to undo alittle bit of the previous damage.

NOW, i am eating a few raw vegetables a day ( carrot/cucumber/mushrooms ) try to have freshly squeezed veggie/fruit juice, dont eat oily foods ( or else it seeps out my pores )

and there is a massive difference.And even though i still have some small scars, i look BETTER than when i was on B5 cause the raw veggies make your skin younger looking too, evens out your skin tone and the lines under my eyes are softer.Guys hit on me more than when i was on the b5.

ALSO: i started taking a liquid multivitamin everyday--which is better absorbed than vitamin pills

Things are looking up and I might actually be able to enjoy my summer this year and not stay at home hiding.!

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Well I know for one that my skin was worse when I was incessantly bombarding my face and body with a myriad of different topicals, be it store-bought products (both natural and chemical) or home-made preparations. I think the ultimate solution to acne must be an internal one, but assaulting your skin from the outside can just as easily cause problems to begin.

Also, I don't feel that relying on anything supplemental or extraneous to a natural, healthy diet and lifestyle is in any way a viable solution to curing acne or building health. Since stopping all my supplements, I mean ALL, and eating a very clean diet that addresses my personal nutritional needs and avoiding things that don't agree with me, I have afforded myself a lot more leeway in other aspects of my life. My "acne-creating-threshold" is much higher now.

Sounds like you are back on track, though. Realize that changes within your body happen over time, don't get frantic and start doing anything impulsive.

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Wow similar thing happened to me, first time I used the B5 regimen (I had moderate acne at the time) it cleared me completely. my skin was completely free of acne and oil and I had on of the best years of my life. I was on it for near enough a year.

I decided to stop taking it for one reason or another (cant remember) and a couple months later my acne started to return, no big deal I thought, I'll just go back on B5 since it already worked for me once, there should be no reason for it not to work again right?

Well I was wrong, my skin showed no improvement and steadily got worse, until one day my face just exploded in severe cystic acne. That was 3 years ago and Im still dealing with the redmarks from them, and my face is now permanantly scarred.

I was 18 years old when my skin decided to explode, I think that it would have happened anyway if I hadnt of taken B5 but I definately think it wouldnt have been so bad. I feel like the B5 caused some sort of extreme acne rebound.

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I'm glad things are better for you now! I know how you felt with the hiding out and everything :(. I was on the b5 regimen for I'd say 4 years... the first year I took it... I honestly didnt really notice that big of a difference. So I decided to quit after a year... but then I too read al the horror stories of a bad breakout after.... so I decided to go off b5 SLLOOOOWWWWLLYYYY lol very slowly. I JUST stopped taking it. I got down to one pill a day last year. Crazy huh? I but it kep me from getting that cray break out after. Yeah I dont think over dosing on ANYTHING is a good idea, even if it means getting rid of acne.

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Yea B5 overdosing is a horrible idea. It cleared my skin for about 6 months. Then dried out my body completely and I think I suffer dry eyes and skin from it still today. Its just bad because it throws so many other vitamin levels out of whack

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