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What's best for redmarks?

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I have big redmarks from cystic acne. I have tried ALOT of things. Right now, I'm using the apple cider vinegar method. I also use Burt's Bees citrus scrub, but I really don't see much of an improvement. Is there some sort of cream that actually fades the marks, or is exfoliating the quickest method? I can't spend hundreds of dollars on surgeries and stuff, so I'm stuck with creams and natural treatments. What would be the quickest and most effective way for getting rid of redmarks? Thanks.

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Im trying this new thing Called bye bye blemish. I hope it works if it does it will spread the word so people can use it.

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hi, i'm asian/f with fair skin. have plenty of red marks from cystic acne that cleared up 4 yrs. ago.

i just started using hydroquinone and retin a combo about 2 1/2 weeks ago. at night i tone w/ ACV 1st, then i put the hydro on the red spots, wait 15 min. then the retin a on top of that. i already see subtle results. my skin does peel every few days b/c of the retin a, not too horrible. you need a prescription for both in the US. remember to wear plenty of sunscreen too.

good luck smile.gif

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time....thats the best thing

I still have a few red marks........one big one and maybe 2 on my chin but hair is covering them up so you can see them.


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The best topical solutions I have used for red marks are:

Puredeming Intense gel R-ALA available here - you use this like a face mask and it contains many ingredients beneficial to skin health and scarring such as vitamin E oil, DMAE and Alpha-lipoic acid. Retails for around $35 Here's a thread about it: HERE

Amino Plex Spray - this has incredible healing properties. It stimulates cell activity and production of new collagen. Results are almost instant - you can almost see your skin healing! It's also great for use following a procedure such as needling, subcision, smoothbeam or TCA cross. Retails for around $40 and available by PM-ing acne.org member Richardskin Here's some info:HERE

Copper peptides serum - helps stimulate new collagen production and helps with overall healing. Retails for around $15 from either skinbiology or puredeming Here's a thread:HERE

Emu Oil is also beneficial as a moisturiser - available from ebay for around $15

Lactic acid peels available from loganwood skincare or Puredeming, again are also supposed to be very good and reducing red marks, although make sure you don't use them until at least 6 months after a course of Accutane. Here's some info: HERE

I have also found silicon pads to be effective in reducing redness. They cost around $30 for a month's supply. Here's some info: HERE

Hope this is useful. smile.gif

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