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middle of third month. still red scars.

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when the hell are these red scars going away. being out in the sun doesn't work

Have you tried Dan's AHA? It could help your PIH by encouraging your skin to overturn old layers faster. It's also a good idea to stay out of the sun - it tends to make hyperpigmentation worse in the long run. Getting a tan only helps the problem in the short term by making the marks less obvious. Try finding a non comedgogenic sunscreen and getting into the habit of wearing it daily.

I hope this helps some :)

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I've read that Accutane actually slows healing, so red marks will stay around longer during your course. But, after you finish your course, your skin returns to normal and the red marks go away pretty quickly. I'm hoping this is true because red marks are truly a pain. It's bad enough to have to deal with acne. Now, I have to have these lingering reminders of past acne on my face.

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Ive been off tane for almost a month now. The overall redness in the face has faded a bit, also, the red marks seem to be dissapearing nicely. With this being said, ater showering or exercise the red marks look more red and noticible than ever...

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Give it a year after your course is over. The red marks should have faded mostly, and scars will look like white splotches. Get those bad boys lazered off and you're good to go.

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