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Is 10mg/day too little for 73kg weight?

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So I have 60 20mg pills, and I can get 4 months out of them at 10mg daily (one 20mg pill every 2 days) or 20mg daily (one pill a day).

Obviously I'd prefer the former, because this stuff costs so much. Doctor has said it's up to me.

What would you suggest? Is 10mg (ultra-low dose) way too low?

I must add that I have extremely mild acne around the mouth, but it won't go away with other medication including BPO.

Oh and also, is taking 10mg (one 20mg every 2 days) worse than taking one 10mg pill daily?

Do I lose anything by taking once, twice a day?

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It doesn't matter so much the amount you take per day but rather the total amount you take during your course. I believe the most common cumulative amounts are 100-120mg/kg. Your cumulative dose is a little over 16mg/kg but if your acne is very mild this may not matter so much...im not sure. I find it strange that your doctor left your dosage up to you though. My acne is also considered mild but I'm on 60mg/day for 4 months (gives me a total dose of about 90mg/kg). Maybe start out at 10mg/day see how your body reacts and then up the dosage if needed.

Good Luck!

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