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Hey guys,

I know that you're supposed to only wash your face twice a day correct? I was just wondering if washing it three times a day is still ok? Also, when they say to wash only twice a day, do they mean only twice a day with a cleanser and you can wash with water throughout the day or just twice a day with cleanser and that's it? My skin gets oily fairly quickly so I was wondering if it's okay to wash throughout the day with just water? Thank a lot, guys. Have a good day.

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Good question actually. More than twice a day with a cleanser and you'll probably start stripping things away from your skin that should stay there. Extra washings with water, well, I'm not sure it could hurt you....swimmers spend a long time in water and that doesn't seem to be frowned upon in general, but will just a water wash cut the oil? Hmm... I know I used to just blot my face with a regular kleenex tissue throughout the day. I'd take the whole tissue over my face and gently touch it so it blotted up the shine. No product added to the face, no extra washing, but the shine was gone. Maybe that would tide you over until your cleansing regimen starts cutting down the oil production. Good luck smile.gif

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You irritate your skin by washing too often. Twice a day is it. No water washing in between. If you feel oily, blot your face with a tissue.

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