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I was blessed with clear skin as a teenager, but am now 28 and noticing many, many breakouts. I have atleast 20 zits on my face. I have never had so much acne. I have been using 10% bp applied directly to the pimples, but havnt seen much of an improvement. I read about the regimen and have this question:

Can I still use the 10% bp, if it does not dry my skin, followed by clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer? If it doesn't seem to irritate my skin, do you think it will help?

This is what I do now:

Shower in hot water, washing my face with one of those exfoliating puffs with softsoap milk bath moisturizing body wash (love this wash! very moisturizing!). After shower, Clinique toner all over face, followed by spot treatment with 10% bp, then a dab of clinique dramatically different moisturizer, then I use a tinted moisturizer as a foundation (Ultima II glowtion) and a concealer stick directly on the pimple.

I appologize for the length of this message, but would appreciate any critiques on my beauty regimen. Please let me know what I should do differently. I thought at this age I was supposed to be worried about wrinkles, not pimples.



ps. - if it makes any difference, I have very pale skin and I try to use moisturizers with a sunscreen in them (the Ultima II has an SPF of 25). :?:

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Of all the moisturisers I have tried in my life I would rate Clinques dramatically different moisturiser as the worst. It gave me breakouts and angry patchy dry skin. I fobbed it off on my older brother - who hated it and threw it away. But if you are certain it isn't the cause I am sure it is fine.

I can't comment on your other products as I haven't tried them - but reckon you shouldn't use an exfoliating puff on your face.

I'm 27 so know what you mean about the double whammy curse of pimples and fine lines!

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It is just the one i have. what would u recommend for lotions?

They only beauty product I really dont want to give up is the Ultima II glowtion (love it!!!), as for everything else, I am willing to change.

Thanks for your reply!


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didnt really know much about acne treatment, so i just bought the product that looked like it might work. It just happened to have 10% bp. It's called 'ZapZyts" or something like that.

It doesnt seem to irritate my skin. I slather it all over my forehead(primarily) and wait like 10 minutes than put a bit of moisturizer on and it feels fine.

Should I stop using it and use the 2.5% as recommended by Dan or can I keep using it if it is not causing any tightness, dryness or flaking?


ps - my skin gets tight and dry about 5 to 10 min after application of bp, but when i put the lotion on, my skins moisture balance seems to be in check.

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Wow, 10% BP, toner... sounds pretty rough. Are you sure your skin takes it fine? Even though it doesn't look flaky, does it feel tight? Do you notice redness? I remember, about a year ago, I had bad acne, and even though I used these strong medications, I did not use a moisturizer. My skin was tight and red. When I started using a moisturizer and cut down on strong medications, my skin got so much better and acne so much less. Make sure your skin can handle all you're doing to it. :wink:

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I agree with stacy about making sure your skin can handle the products used. For a time i have used 10% BP on my skin and had not noticed any issues. However had i tried 10% say 3 years ago i dread to think how red my skin may have become.

I guess it comes down to the old if it ain't broke don't fix it thing. If 10% works for you with no irritation then stick with it :D

Also have you tried the acne.org regimen ?


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Since coming to this board, this is my new regimen:

I wash my face in the shower with my hands and the softsoap moisturizing body wash, rinse with warm water. Once I get out, I dry by patting my face. I have cut out the toner. Once my face has dried, I use the 10% bp. Once that has been absorbed, i put on a light layer of moisturizer (still using the clinique, haven't had a chance to get to the store yet, so i could switch moisturizers).

I have only started slathering on the bp these last few days, however, I havent noticed an increase in redness or dryness. In fact my face seems less red than when I was only spot treating with the bp.

My face definetly gets dry and tight after the bp has absorbed, but after putting about a dime sized portion of lotion all over my face, my skin feels fine.

can anyone else tolerate this high level of bp? Is this abnormal?

thanks :D

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I think you're simplified routine will serve you better. I should have said earlier to remove the toner. As long as you are not using cleansers which clog your pores I don't see how a toner is very useful.

The only objection I have ever heard about higher percentages of BP is that there is increased irritation for no more gain than lower strength options. If it causes you no harm just stick with it until you use it up - but maybe you should consider buying 2.5% next time.

Long term if you ditch the toner, swap to 2.5%bp and use a less drying moisturiser your skin should be less dry overall and hopefully this will prompt your skin to moderate it's oil production better.

My experience is like Staci - the more I stick to gentle products that address my skin condition (for me dryness) - my skin actually becomes more "normal" (less dry) over time and my dependency on products is reduced.

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I would recommend that you *not* use Clinique's Dramatically Different Lotion. They say it is good for all skin types, but it is loaded with oil that is bad for acne. You might want to try their oil-in control moisturizer (it's oil-free) or, if you're skin's very dry (like mine--oil-in control did not work for me) their Moisture Surge Extra thirsty skin relief, which is also oil free.

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