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Guys this is so depressing

I was clear, well as clear as my skin can look

No pimples just scars

I was so happy

Now I think I'm pmsing, I guess

cause I've been eating really good and drinking lots of water,

I drank extra wednesday because my boyfriend was gonna come over thursday

I ate extra perfect, too

I woke up thursday morning with FOUR cysts on my cheek

After being clear for like a week

I'm so upset right now.

They hurt so bad.

I'm assuming it's the pms. I break out with cysts every month during my pmsing.

Is there any way I can control this better? I've read zinc works but it makes my tummy very upset even if I take it with food. /:

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same. actually im not sure. It just that one week or few days before my period i would have few cysts especially at the chin. Maybe im just pushing everything to PMS so i have a reason/excuse for all this and i would better...

they are stubborn..

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Yep, same here. I wish I knew how to stop them, because I know they are coming. It takes 3 weeks to get the breakout cleared up, and then a new one starts. I really think I need to go back on birth control to stop this, because I had clear skin when I was on it (about 4 years ago).

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