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Day 23

Nothing has change i look exactly the same lol, which in fact to me is good since i dont have new breakouts. I have 2 cyst that are not noticeable and one zit that is but under makeup is not bad :rolleyes: or so i think so...also i am not oily anymore im rather dry but is not bad dry so im ok with it :whistle: . My seborrheic dermatitis is under control so im sort of ok with my skin at the moment obviously under makeup because without it i have TONSSSS of red spots and they do not look cute nevermind attractive but for now the being able to cover them is making me happy since i really dont have a bumpy face anymore and my skin texture is getting better since im not using any topicals other than lotion so again im ok with my skin for now :surprised:.

Off skin topic: I got a part time job as a bartender(I also have a full time job) and i swear i truly believe i wouldn't have gotten it if it wasnt because i feel alot more confident. :dance:

crazy09: Thank You....although the reality is different since i have makeup on that pic ill b posting pics without makeup and u will see that is definitely not as great :naughty: but again at this moment makeup is my very BFF. Regarding my lips my family and friends always tell me i must be a black girl trapped in a latina's body because of how my lips are..... and yea the lawsuits are definitely a concern but Oooo well there is a risk to everything so......

Time_traveler: Thank You....i dont wanna show my eyes until my skin is clear :think::think::snooty:

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Day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooohhoooo im a month down :catdance::banana:

I have been sooo busy, that is why i have not post in couple of days (not like anyone follows my postings lol) anyhow...things are ok skin wise i didnt breakout for a week until 2 days ago or so and now i have two new actives :( but they arent big so im ok still. Side effect wise ummm my skin is dry but not super dry is veryyyy tolerable and my lips are fine but that might be because i constantly apply chapstick. I had blood work done yesterday and i will be seeing my derm tomorrow im very excited :dance: because if the results are ok he is going to increase my dosage!!! and after a month of being on the drug i could honestly say it has been a good experience at least for me.....btw when i when to my primary on monday to get blood work the receptionist said to me: "wow, you look amazing, your skin looks soo good you are glowing" i told her about the drug and also said that it looks decent since i have makeup, to which she said:"yes, but you used to wear makeup before too, and it didnt do much for you then" so i got sooo happy and just smile!!!! my primary doc also said my looks soo much better and that is only been a month!!! so guys im happy....at least in that aspect of my life i am. So wish me luck...(anyone reading this)so that my results come out good and that my derm increase my dosage :D. Ooooo, and here are the pics of me without makeup :doh: :





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Hey Guys!!!

Well, i kind of lost count i believe im in the middle of month 2...time is flying and everyday that goes by i fall in love more and more with accutane :wub: . My life has change so much since i started using it, and in such a positive way. My skin has been consistently clear and i have been eating pretty much anything i want so yeah in that aspect life is GOOD~!!!!! Also, i ran into my ex and just like one of you guys predicted when i 1st told the story about him, he looked at me and was omg you look amazing and it felt so good to look at him and say: " Ooo, yes i know" lol. Also im happy to report i have no side effects other than being dry occasionally.

Oh, and i commited a tane sin...i went to the Dominican Republic like i had said i was and i got a tan :shifty: if my derm finds out he would kill me but Ooo it looks so GOOD!!! Is so hard to saty away from the sun :doh::rolleyes:. Well guys hope all is well with all of you!!

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Month # 3...

Hi everyone! im on month 3 but unfortunately my liver is being affected i got blood work done today again to see how my liver is doing again and if the results are not positive i will be taking off the accutane =( i dont want that!!! so please if someone reads this wish me luck i should be getting the results tomorrow...

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