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Going BACK on Accutane

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I was on Accutane once when I was about 15 or 16 years old after my mom had convienced me to at least give it a try. (She worked for a derm) and I went and saw hers. I remember it clearing up my skin pretty good. But maybe a year down the road, my skin started to break out agian badly. I had it under control with products but now it's getting worse. (My stressful job and diet aren't helping much either) I wear cover-up to hide what I have and I know it's not good for you but I have no other choice. Anywho, when I finally get insurance through my work I'm thinking of going back and asking to be put back on Accutane again. (I'm now almost 22) Has anyone out there been on accutane and then had to go back? I didn't have too many bad side effects last time, just dry lips and scabs in my nose but I'm a little nervous to try it again after reading what I've read lately. Any advice would be greatly appreciatated :)

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i just completed my 2nd course of accutane 3 days ago. i was first on it in 2006.

and my side effects were not bad at all either the first time or the 2nd time. for some reason i felt like the side effects were more manageable the 2nd time, maybe cuz i knew what to expect.

this time, i didnt notice an initial breakout. i remember 2 days near the beginning where i felt like my skin looked kinda bad, maybe it was a baby initial breakout lol. but not too bad at all.

for me, my acne that returned was not as bad as it was the first time i was on accutane. it was just very persistent and would not respond to any other topical creams or pills.

im also 22 :)

good luck and i say go for it

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I've been on my second course of accutane for about a week now. After I completed the first course last August my skin was clear for a while, but my acne started to come back a few months ago. I decided to go back on accutane because its the only thing that has ever worked for me. I think you should just go for it. Like Jenny said, it probably won't be as bad this time since you know what to expect.

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Yeah I'm thinking it's worth a shot. At least I will know! But I was reading another post and one of the persons side effects was hair loss. That's really scary. I didn't have that the first time around but to me, it's worth the risk at least. But thanks for the advice I appreciate it :)

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I'm on month 5 of my second Accutane course. I first took it in 2005 and it kept me clear for 3 years. I was worried about taking it a second time as well but I've actually had less side effects this time around. The only thing I've noticed though is that it's taking longer to work on my second course.

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