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Update after a looong time!

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Hey everyone! I haven't been on here for a while, but I wanted to post an update.

Here's a recap so you don't have to read all the previous posts from last year:

-I started off with horrible hormonal chin and jaw acne (cystic too!). Click here for pics--scroll down to post #6.

-Then I went on an elimination diet and cleared it all in 3 weeks! (See gallery for pics!) I couldn't have been happier! :dance:

-Then I went to New York and ate regular food (pizza, etc) and my skin looked worse

-Then I came back home and wasn't as strict with my diet and my skin continued to look worse.... :confused:

That's where I left off! Well, here's the update part now....

I went to the dermatologist last year (about 6 months ago) because I was getting fed up and didn't want to go back to my ultra strict elimination diet. She prescribed two alternating topicals: clindamycin and epiduo. She also recommended that I wash with neutrogena acne free face wash. So I did all that, and it got a little better-I saw about 50% improvement.

Then about 4 months later I started getting cysts again even while doing the derm's plan, so I bought myself a tanda light therapy thingie and also a clarisonic. I saw a little improvement, but still was getting pimples... cysts too.

Finally, fed up, this year I saw a Chinese medicine doctor and she told me a few things:

1. no iced water or iced drinks (messes up digestion, and causes forehead acne, which I had a little of at the time)

2. no soy milk (messes up your hormones... and my chin/jaw acne was hormonal)

3. no spicy foods

I also started drinking lemon juice mixed in water to start each day, and I have been taking Omegazyme by Garden of Life. That Omegazyme is an enzyme supplement and is amazing. I usually have bloating after a meal, but this stuff gets rid of it!

I have also been eating a low gluten/sugar/dairy diet, with not toooo much meat either, but enough. Lots of vegetables, no overeating...

Finally, I put a little bit of lemon juice on a cotton pad and dab it sometimes on my skin to fade dark marks. These things combined.... wow! My skin has not looked better!!! So happy right now! :dance:

I hope this helps someone... Me, I am in my late 20's and have been plagued with acne since puberty. I hope this continues because my skin seriously hasn't looked better.

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It has been inspiring reading your journey to a healthy skin. Please keep posting updates on how things evolve for you.

Thanks for sharing.

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