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Charles' Regimen Log (Start 3.7.10)

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Dear Log,

Acne as a teen was a battle long fought and lost. I've always wanted to get rid of my acne, but only felt extremely compelled when things went out of hand. Occasional forehead acne was the only problem I've encountered when I attended high school. It was after I went on to college and in those first years did acne on the sides of my face emerge. I am now a 3rd year on my spring quarter. I believe the spontaneous emergence of the side acne had something to do with my ridiculous lack of sleep during the college terms. I'd net only 3-5 hours of sleep each day and pull all nighters during finals/midterm week. I coupled this with lack of facial/body hygiene and topped it all off with frequent fast food and lethargy toward exercise.

Currently, none of my relatives or family members have any forms of acne. They never had to treat for anything. The acne eventually disappeared when they entered adulthood. After noticing that my acne had not subsided, but instead deviated towards the later, I decided that it's time to use some form of medication on the current acne before my entire face is consumed.

Research brought me to Dan's site. I read other regimens and watched many of the videos Dan provided. After trying a few acne products that didn't work for me ( Murad Acne Complex, Acne Free, (was going to try Pro active)) whom my mother had haphazardly bought for me. I pushed everything aside and ordered Dan's starter kit. Currently I'm beginning my 5th week. And I can say there is definitely an improvement. I'm a firm believer that I can be clear and rid of acne as long as long as I stick with the program and I am doing just that.

Day 1: 3-7-10


Currently I'm not moisturizing at night. I'm unsure if I should because I sleep on my sides so the moisturizer would probably be wiped off on the pillow. My question is if this is okay or should I just moisturize.

Week 5: 4-5-10


The pink painted room is not to my preference by the way. It is merely a room I'm renting for college. Obviously belonging to the house owners young daughter. 300$ including utilities sweet deal !

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you gotta moisturize. bp oxidizes the bacteria since bacteria cant live in oxygenated environments they die however your skin also becomes dry so you need to compensate this by using a lot the moisturizer.

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