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Need Some Advice on Stopping the Regimen

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First off, I'd just like to say that the Regimen has worked wonders for me. I started doing it in November of 2008 and I'm basically completely clear (still a few spots but nothing extreme) to this day.

Here's my current issue though, I'm getting a little tired of doing the Regimen and I think that there is a chance that my acne might have cleared up. When I started the Regimen in November 2008, I also had a lot of back acne. I didn't treat that and just let it be. Currently, my back is almost completely clear. I have like one or two smaller pimples on my back. I've also recently stopped doing the Regimen on my neck (where I used to get acne too), and I haven't seen any change in my skin.

I think one of the main causes of my acne is dry skin, and I'm thinking that while the Regimen has helped clear up some acne, it also may be the reason why I still get a few pimples here and there as it does dry my skin out.

Now to the advice that I need. For some reason in February 2009 I felt that I could go down to only using once a day, and that didn't work. After about a month of that I switched back to twice a day and experienced about a month or two of breakouts. While I really would like to get off the Regimen, I would rather have clear skin. I want to figure out if my acne has subsided without experiencing the huge breakout that I had last year when I tried this. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading that, and thanks for any responses!

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If you tried to go off in Feb of last year and began breaking out again, chances are the same thing might happen again this year, although you won't know until you try, I suppose.

To me, the hassles of breakouts and dealing with them are far worse than a twice daily skincare regimen. You'll just have to decide what you can deal with.

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