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cyst turning dark red/purple.. what to do?

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this problem is pissing me off so much because i havent had any pimples or cysts on my left cheek for over 4 months. the cyst (or maybe pimple) is starting to form and have become a small(as in it doesnt pop out too much) but wide bump (about 1/4 inch or so) it is turning dark red and i thought it looked a bit purple yesterday. what do you guys do about these kind of situations?

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Isn't that just a pain? I have experienced that exact type of pimple. I find they start as either a largish flat red mark with a small insignificant seeming pimple in the middle, or sometimes from just the smallish uncolored little pimple. If I treat it at this stage with my cleanser, AHA, BP, and moisturizer, I had been able to kill it off before it expands. Once it exands into what you have, I follow the same treatment (cleanser, AHA, BP, moisturizer) but it takes a good week to kill it. Don't poke it, don't be tempted to lance it. Just treat it and try to keep calm. Those suck eggs if you ask me. Hang in there. Oh, I've found those type are prone to come back in the same place again, so I am always careful to keep an eye out for signs of one starting in those areas for months afterwards. They also leave a bigger red mark IF you poke and prod and try to lance it. Best of luck on killing it.

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did you try to pop it? cause sometimes you can bruise the skin trying to pop cysts which would explain the purple look.... if not then I dont' really know what could cause that. Cysts suck though. I feel for you.

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