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i have really shallow acne scars on my forehead. you cant really see them unless u get an inch from my face and look under a certain light angle. I read about how ppl regreted that they had dermabrasion or co2 laser treatment b/c it ruined their face, resulting in hypO-pigmentation. I dont think i want a drastic treatment. I had thought about microdermabrasion, but it has been proven to be temporary, and may only 'improve' the appearance of scars. My question is, if it 'improves' shallow scars, but its also 'temporary', is the improvement only temporary then? O_O I also possess a HOmedic microdermabrasion kit. I use that about once every two weeks, and i love how soft and smooth my face feels afterwards, buti can see that the 'glow' i get is not permanent.

Also, anybody else have any shallow scar treatments?

(besides mederma, b/c i have it, but i'm afraid it would clog my pores, b/c i have large pores)

also, my forehead is more tanned than the rest of my face, due skin discoloration from acne. Do you think a skin lightening cream would help just on that area?

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What type of scars are you talking about? If you read the FAQ you might be able to figure it out.

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FantasyCLover if you find something that really works and doesn't have the various pigmentation risks or scarring risks post again. It would be interesting to know. Till then I am trying not to forget that a scar doesn't go away and nowadays that's an unfortunate fact that can't be really overidden. Perhaps, you should do that too and if you are vain try not to be a lot (I think I am).

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