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I did such a stupid thing. I had a huge cyst, it was causing me pain, I was stressed, and I just got up and started squeezing at it as hard as I could. No pus even came out only blood. A scab formed. I picked it off.

Now, two weeks later, I look in the mirror and I have ROLLING SCARS. I feel sick and helpless. I wish I could turn back time and not have picked.

The cyst is still there, in the bottom of the dip.

I am doing what I can to try and heal it, but I can't concentrate on my revision or anything that I should be doing.

My Mum says I shouldn't panic until the spots have healed, because I can't know for sure yet if it's a permanent scar. Do you think she is right?

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Worrying won't change anything hun, time has passed - scars are fixable these days anyway!

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I know it's difficult, but try to relax. Scars heal and change in appearance on their own over a period of a few years from what I've read, so you should see improvement. Stress interrupts the healing process.

If you'd like to gently help the scar heal, you could try a copper peptide serum, which works to prevent scar tissue from forming, and maybe emu oil. Some people have had good results with those.

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i know how u feel i've done this a couple of times, you just get pissed off with a spot and you just want to get rid of it. Just apply some bio oil on the scar it'l fade right down in 2 weeks.

hope this helps

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Never touch our face with nails, this is the biggest reason to increase this problem. You need to a dermatologist. if you are in California than you have to go with Dr. Simon Ourian. suggest this doctor to all of you on this forum.

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