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Hello everyone,

i have just returned from the dermatologist and am feeling a little confused and starting to maybe feel hopeful.....

15 years or so of ane and im 27 first time went to the doc who advised me i have severe cystic acne. i have been perscribe 20m oratane (isotretinoin) and was told to stop using all acne washes, cream, etc, etc.

I am now wondering if i can still use makeup on the treatment. my skin is terribly scarred and always red. i simple would not go to work if i had to not wear makeup, i dont think anyone has seen me without makeup since i was 14 or so......

Also are the side effects bad? i have been told about dry skin, dry lips, sun exposure ect. i have been told its best not to drink alcohol either.... why is this?

any advice is gatefully received

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Im pretty sure that you can still wear makeup - although wearing a non comeodomic one would be advisable, as it is less likely top block your pores. I would really advise using no creams whilst on it, such as BP, since from my experience accutane slows the healing of the skin and therefore using BP damages the skina and slows healing further. Its easier for boys, especially teenage ones (Im 15 1/2), since most of my classmates have acne to some degree and also atm it is easter break so i dont have to see anyone.

The side effects for me have not been that bad - im 4 weeks in (week 5 currently)

- dry lips and skin - solved with moisturizer

- headaches - pararcetamol

- nosebleeds - vaseline on inside of nose

Of course i dont know what its doing to me internally

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