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I have been on the DKR for three weeks. I am having severe stinging and redness (like sunburn) after applying the moisturizer (I'm fine after application of BP) that lasts for a few hours. After the stinging is gone my face starts to itch badly. In the mornings I have been applying make-up which actually seems to be helping slightly with the burning, I would like to cut the make-up out of the routine but my face is so red and blotchy that I can't. I am participating in an internship right now and I simply must look professional. I try my best to not touch (or itch) it but it's driving me crazy! I wake up in the middle of the night scratching my face in my sleep. I am worried that the itching and scratching is going to cause more damage to my skin in the long run. I'm trying so hard to think it out, but my hands just find their way to my face and neck, or i'll find myself being too rough when I wash my face because it makes the itching feel better. I have had some flaking around my nose and mouth, but the itching is on my cheeks, neck, bottom of my chin and forehead (pretty much everywhere I'm not flaky). I want to tough it out because as far as acne goes my face is looking much better. And according to the time line of what to expect I shouldn't have much longer of the itching or burning. I'm wondering if reapplying moisturizer mid-day or the middle of the night may help? I've done this a few times and sometimes it starts the stinging over again but sometimes it doesn't. Honestly, I'd rather sting than itch. Do I need to use less BP? Maybe change to BP once a day? Anybody have other solutions to get relief from the itching? Is this a normal reaction? Please help I am afraid I am going to lose it and cause serious damage. Thanks.



Wash face in shower

Face Wash: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

Wait at least 10-15 min (depending on how dry my face is feeling)

Apply acne.org BP (up to a finger and a half)

Wait another 10-15 Minutes

Apply ance.org moisturizer

Make-up: Covergirl ultra hydrating (liquid; noncomedogenic)

Bare Minerals Foundation & mineral veil


Face Wash (out of shower): Aveeno Ultra Calming foaming Wash

Wait 10-15 minutes

Apply BP

Wait another 10-15 minutes

Apply Cetaphil moisturizer and jojoba oil

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If the itching and redness is after both using the Cetaphil and Acne.org moisturizer, it sounds like your face just doesn't agree with either of them. Try switching out your moisturizers.

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I think you are using too many different products, maybe you should stop using other products and stick with acne.org regimen. and See how it goes.

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"Apply acne.org BP (up to a finger and a half)"

Thats too much BP you should only be using 3/4 of your finger on the 3rd week.

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Thanks everyone, I have drastically lowered the amount of BP, to a pea sized amount for each cheek. If i am only having severe acne on my cheeks and the bottom of my chin do I need to apply BP to my whole face or just the problem areas? I am thinking I may take a break for a day and start again with less BP, application of BP once a day for a bit, and consistency of products. I red in another post that Cetaphil has citric acid in it, and I checked th bottle and sure enough it does. Could this be a source of my discomfort? Thanks again.

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