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I myself am a BP user, but no doubt, BP has messed up my skin. I am only 20, but skin looks old and nasty. But the thing is whenever I don't use BP, I break out. Right now I only have a couple of pimples, but if I don't use BP, I don't know what to use. I've tried EVERYTHING...

So for those people who have quit BP because of adverse effects, what cleared you up???

I currently use


Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

Eucerin q10 spf 15


Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser

spot treat with Dan's BP gel.

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Apparently vinegar is a good exfoliant and toner and helps fade away general redness and Neutrilize Ph levels.

If u have a load of crusty skin on your face from the awful Bp lol, try dabbing some malt vinegar onto your face, or if it is too strong neat, then dilute it a little. It will soften your skin and get rid of all the crustyness on your face and get rid of redness faster.

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Ok, everyone is different. So, bp will work for some people.

Unfortunatly it doesnt work for me. Ok, it helps with my acne, but

i still get some zits and my skin looks really bad while i use it.

I'm using vinegar too. It works allright, although it isnt a miracle cure.

I'm using tea tree oil too. A study has found that it is equally effective as

bp in the long run. I dunno about that. But the combination is working ok

for me. (I'm watching my diet and supplements too).

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if you have problems with bp, as some people do, but still want bacteria killing power try manuka oil , manuka honey or anything with manuka in the name (yes, now i am just being facetious tongue.gif ).

manuka is this plant that grows in new zealand forests and the essential oil will kill 33 times more surface skin bacteria than tea tree oil, but its relatively gentle on your skin.

www.livingnature.co.nz , this site has heaps-o-info , and they have a manuka oil and honey gel that a few people on this board rave about. might be worth a shot. i must add that i have not used it myself, bp does it for me at this point .

good luck


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You need to moisturise at night. I had your exact same problem, I was using 10% BP cream with NO moisturiser morning and night! Now I'm using BP gel with an AHA moisturiser morning and night and my skin is glowing with a radiance I've never seen before. Definitely moisturise at night, and perhaps switch to an AHA version.

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I'm going to wait a month and try the new product my friend said was coming out in a month. My friend's face cleared up and his scars are almost all gone using it. He had cystic acne and red bumps. It's only been about 2 weeks too.

He is one of the testers for the product. She was giving out free samples to people, too bad I found out too late. He said there isn't a name for it yet since the girl who made it, an ex-acne sufferer herself, a med student or something is coming up with funds to produce it since she wants to keep cost down for people to help them.

He said there isn't any side effects for it, no drying or flaking or bleaching. I am skeptical...an acne medication with no effects! but I am going to try it. I'm willing to spend the $12 or less on it.


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