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I'm 27, and since I am done w/ having kids and had recently weaned my one year old, I decided to take up on the opportunity of getting clear skin and making myself feel better.

I always had clear skin as a teen and then after each pregnancy, my skin turned crazy-hectic. I'd have flare ups just before each period and get frustrated knowing there was nothing I can do other than pick at my skin.

So, once Feb 22 came around, I was able to go the Dr and get something prescribed. I am now taking 200mg of Minocycline/day (100mg 2x/day) and using a retin-A cream (at night before bed)

My face is still flaking/ peeling a bit and I am using a damp washcloth to gently exfoliate that skin off.

BUT, after my morning shower, I apply a cetaphil daily moisturizer SPF15 and most days, it feels almost like it's burning when I put it on my cheeks. Is this normal?

Would you recommend something else?

If you're female, what type of foundation would you use for makeup?

I'm a MAC girl, but have started the switch to bare escentuals (sp?) again. I'm noticing that it doesn't show my flaking skin as bad as a liquid foundation.

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Personally, I did that routine for probably 10 years. I did see improvements but after years of taking antiboitics they stopped working... I truly believe you are better off improving your diet and lifestyle in general...

Ok, that's the end of my mini-rant...

To answer your question about burning and flaking/peeling. That is normal. Your skin will take some time (a few weeks) to get use to the harsh retin-a regiment. For lotion I use Clinique moisturizing lotion for dry/dry combination skin which works really well for me...

And since I'm a dude that's as far as my answers can go.

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