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Dianette, Lymecyline AND Duac Gel together?

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Hi this is my first post so fingers crossed i get it right :) I'm 19 and have just been prescribed all of the above... (Dianette contraception, Lymecycline and Duac Gel) and wondered if anyone else has had all these together? Apparently this is the last step before i have to go see a special dermatologist who will put me on hospitalised medication? I have spots what just appear then scar (i say scar they leave dark purply red patches where theyve been) and then will usually grow over the top of the 'scar'. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem/medication... thanks

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Hey, I am 19 and am on the same medication, and have the same problem of scarring and such.

I find it works to a point then stops being effective, I have already visited a dermatologist and even been seen by a conference of dermatologists (probably worst moment of my life, picture Ross from 'Friends' with the growth on his arse, that type of conference) so I have been recomended many other medications.

I'll soon be put on the stronger acne medication, Roaccutane. For the scarring I have been recommended light treatment therapy (that UV gun thing) but all this costs money...

hope yours sorts itself out better than mine has anyway!

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I'm guessing your from the uk by the way you said arse and not ass lol? Just wondering how much you pay for the roaccutane/uv light treatment? I'm currently not working :( so presuming i wouldnt have to pay but if i do finally get one id love to know how much i'll have to cough up! BTW conference = horrible! I nearly had to have one for my braces which probably would have killed me :( did i mention i have acne ADN braces... yeah no wonder i'm single lol good luck with yours :)

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ha ha yeah, I'm from the UK. Gutted about having braces too though, I used to but they were taken off a few years ago. Just left with very straight teeth so thats a plus :)

I'm really not sure about how much the light treatment therapy is, but I don't care if it will help the scarring then I shall save up until I get it cause at the moment they look pretty horrible...

The roaccutane costs I think about £400 for I think about one... or maybe two years supply, but I can't be sure. Problem is with roaccutane is that it is a very strong medication and so can't be given under health insurance and also you have to be given the medication, along with taking a hospital done pregnancy tests, monthly. This is because if you are become pregnant whilst on roaccutane the effects on the baby are worse than thalidomide, so in other words the baby would be madly deformed.

Then again the hospitals only want to do that so people don't sue them if they have a deformed child. Just don't want to be legally liable. Bastards.

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I'd just assumed you could get a month's supply of Roaccutane for £7.40!

Is it not available on the NHS? I'd read stuff saying that dermatologists don't like prescribing it because it's expensive for the NHS, so I'd thought you could use your NHS prescription.

Cassuk, how're the three things working out so far?


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