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Chris M

Almost 3 months and quick forming pimples!

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Ok so I am at 11 weeks and I feel as though I can't catch a break! I have adjusted FINALLY to 2 full pumps of BP since week 8, but for whatever reason, I still get a stray pimple on my face that occasionally gets big and its always just as another is healing. I have not been completely clear in weeks. I mean I know its just one pimple but it sticks out like a sore thumb sometimes. Could it be that im using too much moisturizer? I mean I use Dan's moisturizer but, WAY more than he suggests because otherwise my face is as dry as a bone! I have also tried AHA to spot treat and although it does stop it from growing any further, it makes it form a head like the next day! Any ideas guys?

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Although most Regimen users are pretty much clear by the third month, everybody's different, and some people do take a bit longer to clear up fully.

If you're down to one pimple at a time, it sounds like you're on your way to getting good and clear.

As far as spot-treating with AHA goes, for some people, if they catch the pimple as soon as it starts to show up, they can prevent it from getting any bigger, and for some others, it seems to do what it does for you; help bring the pimple to a head very quickly. Maybe it's just helping speed up the "life-cycle" of the acne. Do your pimples seem to die down quicker when you spot-treat with AHA?

I'd say just stick with it. It does sound like you're making progress.

You might also want to fill out this questionnaire to see if there's anything you ought to be doing differently.

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I've had success by applying a very thick layer of BP all over my face day and night. And at night using a layer of Vaseline over my face. It is non-comedogenic - so don't worry about it clogging your pores. It has healed my dryness and flakiness and deeply moisturizes overnight. During the day I use a moisturizer w/SPF 50 in it on top of the BP. I think by putting the BP all over my face it prevents new pimples from forming anywhere.

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