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hey guys

I've been trying to learn to play the trumpet, and every time I practice I always break out around my lips where I place the mouthpiece.

I know you're not supposed to apply bp / aha to your lips, but can I put a little aha on the spot to spot treat?

does anyone break out along their jawline from playing the violin?

should I have to give up playing the music I want because of my acne?

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I'd be careful about using treatments that close to your mouth. Not only do you not want to accidentally ingest them, but the skin of your lips is quite a bit thinner than the skin elsewhere on your face, which means that treatments can very easily "burn" the skin there.

Is there some way that you could clean the mouthpiece on your trumpet on a fairly often basis? Maybe wiping it down with a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol or something?

I'm pretty sure that mouth-area acne isn't too uncommon for people that play instruments like the trumpet. My sister used to play clarinet, and she'd break out around her mouth, too. I think it's the combination of irritation and warm moisture from spit and/or sweat making an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

You shouldn't quit playing the trumpet just because you're breaking out. Just try to keep the area around your mouth clean while you're playing, and, like I said, be sure to clean your trumpet's mouthpiece as often as you can.

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The trumpit ey thats a hard instrament to play, hope you can get to the bottem of getting rid of the lip acne, I use to get lip acne at one time not because of playing a mouth instrament probaly because I was using the wrong lip balm.

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I'd sanitize the mouthpiece of your trumpet prior to playing to make sure that there's no bacteria on there whatsoever.

That might help with your break-outs around the mouth.

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I've been playing the saxophone for a few years now, and when I first started, I would break out on my bottom lip something fierce.

What I've started doing is immediately after playing, first wash your hands (make sure they are clean), and then just scoop a couple handfuls of water over your lips and chin. This should remove any excess saliva that could irritate your skin.

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