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is there any hope

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hi there i have loads and loads of enlarged pores on my face and a couple of deep scars aswell and these are i reddish pinkish colour, i had co2 laser on the right cheek and it looks worse now than before, so i have waited 9 months after and had pixel laser on the 2 cheeks, it was good at first but i dnt see much improvement, i am supposed to be havin 4, i have important dates this year and iam puttin pressure on myself to look good, is there any truth in scars improving, iam so depressed and cnt go out the door, to embarressing, i know scars will never go but i just want to see imrovements so i can live my life, IF anyone has improvements in their scars without making them worse then please let me kno

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Sure, there's always hope. If you look at some of the threads here, you'll see people with improvements. It might take longer than you'd like, but keep working at it. Learn as much as you can about the various procedures. But you certainly shouldn't be keeping yourself inside all the time because of it... You're really going to regret that later if you keep doing it... A lot more than any scars.

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there is progress for scars but blackheads and pores are difficult imo, there are no specific treatments for this, the only treatment that actually seems to work (from what I have read) is accutane

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i just seem to have all my pores that have come to the surface and it dusnt look pritty, maybe coz i had oily skin but thats now under controll, i have been getting pixel laser i had my first one 1 month ago, not much improvement, but i will need four or five i think or maybe something more aggressive

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