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There's Accutane and Then There's...?

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I've been on here for a couple good years and the only thing our acne world has to almost-definite acne clearing is Accutane yes? My acne has never been all that bad so the side effects never seemed worth the price. However, as most of us may agree acne is a long and horrid road for some of us. It's consistent and annoying. I've come to a point where I'm just tired. Tired of trying this or doing that and not getting results. My question is: what is another "solution", is there nothing like Accutane that will possibly help us a little less than Accutane, but not give us those horrid after effects?

This may seem like a stupid question. But a valid one at that. :)

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Nothing else is going to be as effective as a whole.

My advice to you would be to search out some people in real life and ask about the "horrid after effects". These only occur in a small minority of people, if at all. So I would suggest looking somewhere else about that than here, since the internet is a haven for people to anonymously rant about all the bad things in their lives :)

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trust me im in the same shoe currently.

but i think i'll go see 2 more derm and ask them for advices. do i really need accutane.

so tired of this.

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They discovered a drug already on the market today that drastically reduces sebum production (70% or more in all patients) and that also has anti inflammatory properties, with almost no side effects that could be considered harmful. Miracly right? Problem is that the company doing the research has decided to change it into topical form, which could be a few years wait. Heaven forbid that they release it's name so more people could be rid of acne, right, that hurts business.

Anyways sorry not to offer a solution, that seems to be what everybody is looking for, theres just a little hope in the horizon for those of us who aren't quite bad enough for accutane but would do just about anything to get rid of it.

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