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The Regimen Absolutely Works

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Hi guys, I started the regimen about 2 months ago. I had quite severe acne; really red, a few cysts and anything up to 15 active yellowhead pimples at any time. As we all know, it's horrible, and it can leave us feeling down.

The Regimen saved my social life. I can be who I want to be now, not only around my friends, but around girls. I am so much more confident now, it's fantastic. Not having to worry about how you look is just such a relief, and a massive weight off my shoulders, because now I know I look great. At least, by my standards.

To those who're just starting out on the regimen, I wish you the best of luck. It definitely works, and it works fantastically well. At least it did for me. You may get a few bad breakouts at the beginning of the course, but in a few months, you won't recognise yourself. Stick with it, that is the one thing you must do. Also, be sensible with your BP applications; a small amount once a day is plenty enough for the first week or two. And if you have particularly sensitive skin like mine, once every two days is recommended to avoid flaking.

As an aside, we worry about our acne, but now that I've gotten rid of mine, I feel comfortable talking about it. I've talked to 3 of my mates about it, and they all said they never really noticed it. We examine ourselves every morning in the mirror and make it out to be a lot worse than it is, because it's our skin. I know it's hard, but while you're on the course, be as upbeat as possible, because a lack of confidence is a much bigger turn off for most girls than a bit of acne.

Anyway, I'd just like to thank Dan for saving my life, basically. Good luck to everyone else, STICK WITH IT! :dance:

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Thought I'd just post a few pictures. I don't really have any before pictures, because I tended to hide from cameras. You can still see a few pimples/scars, but this is the best my skin has looked in years. I used to have quite severe cystic acne, so I'm more than happy with the results.

I'm not vain, I'm just not used to looking half-decent in photos ;D






I didn't realise I took so many pictures.

Oops :doh:

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How long have you been on the regimen? I'm still waiting for the stuff to come in the mail. I've been afflicted since I was 19. I'm 24 now.

To post images: use the attachment function

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Wonderful results.

I'm happy that your life is no longer shadowed by this icky disease =)

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Hey Incysyt...Do you ever go swimming or sweat a lot (sports, gym) during the middle of the day? If so, do you re-apply the regimen after or not? If you end up sweating a lot, do you just leave the sweat on until nighttime or do you wash it off?

I know technically your not supposed to re-apply BP, but since you have had such good results im wondering what you do? Im on the DKR currently as well, and its working very effectively. However, im not sure what im going to do this summer when i go swimming mid day, or if i play basketball and get drenched in sweat if i should shower or not until later. Please help :-)


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Hi dudee :)

i was wondering, how did you progress your regimen? like how much did you start with and how long did you do it for, then when you increased it how long did you do that for etc. etc.


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