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Do face scrapes heal on Accutane?

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Today I was randomly moving my hand and scraped the skin on my cheek with my nail; a layer of skin must've come off because it's been red and stinging for a few hours now (no blood though).

Will this heal in a few days like a normal scrape would or will Accutane cause this to take longer to get back to normal? I feel like I just added a huge blemish to my face that's even more noticeable than my pimples! AAH the frustration!!!!

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OMG! Those suck, but yes. It will heal. I did this when I got out of the shower. There was an itch between my eyes, I scratched, and holy moly!! I looked like a cyclops! The light layer of skin scabbed for a couple of days then came off. You couldn't even tell it was there. I also split my lip (and the upper skin) pulling the bedspread up to my face and giving myself a whack. That healed up fine, too. And not to mention my hands while rummaging through my purse! It looked like I got into a fight with a cat.

The surface stuff heals up just fine. It's the deep scratches/tattoos/waxing/etc. you have to watch out for.

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