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I am currently using Proactiv and though it has cured my acne on my back, chest, and cheeks I continue to get acne on my forehead. No longer cists but many pimples.

I was thinking about trying the regimen but read that I don't need to buy the whole regimen but only the BP and buy the rest from my local store. If you use the Regimen what parts do you use and do you use the AHA and do you think its necessarily. Some people said that you can buy the items much cheaper from local stores but I am willing to buy Dan's product if they are better quality.

Also if you have used both Proactiv and the Regimen which do you think is better.I have only been using Proactiv for a month so I might need to wait longer to get the full results. My skin is not very sensitive so i don't think that would be a problem with Dan's Regimen.


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I've been on The Regimen for almost two years now, and I started out with all store-bought products (Dove Beauty Bar, Neutrogena On The Spot, and Clean & Clear Morning Burst Moisturizer), and they worked fine to get me clear. Since then, I've switched over to Dan's BP, because it's much more cost-effective, gel-based, and (in my opinion) much better quality than NOTS, and I changed my moisturizer to Cetpahil, because the Clean & Clear just wasn't doing it for me.

If you don't want to order Dan's products, there's a list of recommended, widely-available, Regimen-compatible products here, although I do recommend using Dan's BP if you can.

The AHA isn't necessary for The Regimen, but it can be a nice addition. I used it for a while, and it made my skin feel smoother and look more even toned. You shouldn't add the AHA in until you've been using The Regimen for at least a month, though, so if you do choose to use the AHA, you could probably hold off on ordering it.

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Hey! I’ve tried both! I can’t really say which is better because it really depends on the person. Proactiv seems to be the only thing that keeps me clear. That being said, Dan’s Regimen is a lot gentler (less harsh) than Proactiv and much less expensive, which is great for long term use! They both use similar levels of BP, so if Proactiv is working effectively I think Dan’s Regimen will as well. Check out this link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Switching...iv-t240783.html. It seems like quite a few people who were getting incomplete results from Proactiv cleared up on the Acne.org Regimen.

From personal experience I can say that I thoroughly enjoy Dan’s cleanser, jojoba oil and AHA+, and still supplement my routine with them. I think you should definitely give Dan’s Regimen a try; it has work wonders for a lot of people! Worse comes to worst you could always go back to Proactiv or try something new. Good luck!

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