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Claravis/Accutane Log of a 21.f.Texan

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I've been on Claravis/accutane for 45 days. I'm just now starting to document things and I've been taking pictures but I havent decided if I'll post maybe I'll do a collage once I'm done with everything.

So a little background I've never had perfect skin. Ever since I can remember I've had blackheads and pimples on my face. I was 16 when I first went to the dermatologist because my acne had gotten a lot worse. I was perscribed Differin and Duac and got on birth control which seemed to do the trick for a few years. I later switched to Retin-A because my blackheads never went away.

When I moved to Austin from my hometown is when my acne got worse. My forehead was bumpy, my cheeks had exploded and thats how I got the scars that I have now. Retin A and Duac were no longer helping so I quit using them. I became obsessed with Sephora and seriously spent a lot of $ on stuff that didnt really work. I got back on birth control to see if that would help but it only made the bumps on my forehead go away. So after a year and half of being in Austin I finally went to the derm, which is right down the street from where I live! Why didnt I go before? Oh well. He suggested Accutane which I was already thinking about anyway and jumped at the chance. I've had acne pretty much since puberty and I want it done with. I want to be happy with my skin. I want to feel good about my face.

Month 1 @ 40 mg Feb - March

The corners of my mouth are constantly cracking and will not heal. My chin exploded.

side effects: dry lips, eyes, nose

Month 2 @ 80 mg March - April

I had my dosage doubled and after about a week a rash broke out on the tops of my hands and my inner arms. I stopped taking my medication and called the derm. I called three days in a row and they were still waiting for the Dr. to look at my chart. On the fourth day I got a call back saying to just use Aquaphor 4 times a day. I wasnt to happy since I missed 4 days and the rash faded some. My chin has yet to heal and actually once one pimple goes a away a new one takes its place. I'm scared my chin will scar because I cannot help myself to pop, I mean a huge freakin white head I HAVE TO POP IT!

side effects: dry lips, eyes, chin, nose, and cheeks, decreased sex drive, notice of mood swings lower back pain

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My chin is finally clearing up so I think I'm pretty much done with my initial break out. And I only have about 3-4 pimples as of right now, that makes me pretty happy. My face isnt looking that great though, I have a lot of red marks and my scars appear to look worse or deeper. Some other side effects are the rash I have on my right hand comes and goes and I have super dry skin on my right arm. Its weird that its only on my right arm though. I go to the derm next week, we'll see how things go.

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haha im getting really dry patches only on my left arm! whats the deal!

I know! I try to slab on Vaseline and Aquaphor when I can remember but I usually forget and end up staring at my flaky skin in class hoping no one notices it.

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I have a HUGE monster on my chin right now. And by monster I mean this guy has a huge yellowish/greenish head. Its gross and I'm glad I have nothing to do tomorrow, hopefully it'll be dried out by Thursday for work. I've noticed that with these big ones they sort of dry up in a couple of days, only to be peeled off and for a new mini head to rise. I can tell everything is coming out but I honestly thought I was done with the huge chin pimples. Oh well...

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Just a little update. I think I'm having a good skin week. I have a few little pimples but nothing major. I'm starting to see improvement and this makes me happy. I've only really broke out on my chin and around my mouth. I've also had this triangular group of cysts between my eyebrows that are finally going away. I'm almost halfway through my course and I hope it gets better from here. I cant wait till July!

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How has Accutane affected your existing acne scars? I have quite a few acne scars from before I started Accutane and I'm wondering if they will fade. I honestly feel more self conscious about my scars than my acne right now.

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I was a little bad with my pills this month. I usually take my pills at night after dinner but I went out more so than usual and my drunk self would forget. I wonder how my blood tests will come back this month seeing as I did drink a little to much this time. Other than that my derm. appointment is next week. I had a week or two of what I'd call good skin but since I started my period I broke out a little bit. I've noticed certain side effects; I'm tired a lot and sleep more than I usually do. I'm not worried about this because I go through phases sometimes. I'm in a rut now but hopefully once finals are over I can appreciate Summer without actually being outside. Hah. I'm not looking forward to the Texas heat. My skin is constantly dry on my inner and upper arms.

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