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For those who arnt familiar with the term cleansing is to rid the body of toxins by stimulating the digestive organs (i think thats m0re or less correct) .i think it would turn out to be a way stronger anti acne stragety then diet .anyone ever cleansed? Experiences ?

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There's many different ways of cleansing and many of them are rumored not to work. Example of what you consider cleansing?

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Because a proper diet will detoxify and keep the body cleansed. You don't really need special cleansing to do this.

I'm assuming you haven't read many things in the Nutrition and Holistic section. There have been NUMEROUS threads talking about cleansing.

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It's been talked about quite a bit on these boards, just not on any recent topics.

Either way, you can't really just cleanse and then eat anything. So they're both important. Diet is really more of a long-term, healthier cleanse.

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I think that some people need to try different types of cleanses, as we are all obviously different when it comes to what makes our acne worse and better, so the actual underlying problem must differ for a lot of people. There are a number of different cleansing products and programs out there, just do your research to know what you're doing. Oxy Powder, which is mainly a colon cleanser, had an amazing effect on my acne a little over a year ago, but I know that I still need to clean up my system a little more. When doing a cleansing program, always go for the maximum benefits by not burdening your system with regular everyday food and maybe drinking some detox teas and herbs while doing the cleanse.

Diet definitely is extremely important, but there are a lot of acne sufferers like me who have found it impossible to have an effect on their skin by just changing diet habits. A year ago, I tried out many different diets like anti-candida, and my skin became severe. At that time I went for a colon cleanse and things got a lot better. When our systems are already so out of balance, some of us need to do a cleanse, and then at least try to eat better afterwords.

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