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Just bought some AHA and BP from amazon worked out to be about £34.00 (not too bad).

Only problem is, it could take up to 1 month to arrive :wall:

Gunna have to use panoxyl for another month grrrrr ... the stuff makes your face too red anyone know some other BP 2.5 you can get easily in the UK?

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Thats a good deal, I didnt think of going through amazon but that certainly is a good find! Let us know how the delivery goes, be handy to know that you can order from them easily and cheaply to UK.

As for panoxyl, I had the same problem with it, absolutely burnt my skin and I never have problems with anything else, usually completely unsensitive skin.

Have you tried Quinoderm? Its 10% cream but oddly enough it is nowhere near as harsh as panoxyl, and I don't even get redness from it. Check out the review section as everyone seems to find it great too. Mild sting or tingling when first applied, but it contains lactic acid which is probably behind it (but a great addition to the treatment).

I've found it to be amazing, only used it for about 3 weeks but nearly completely clear! So definately recommend it until your DKR stuff turns up. Plus its less than £5 in boots over the counter for a 50g tube that'll probably last a month or two, or about £3 for a smaller tube.

If you do go for it, you don't need anywhere near as much as Dan's regimen states; I find a finger-nail size amount for each cheek and another for the rest of my face is loads as it spreads out alot.

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Cheers fella, quite tempted to try this ... went and ordered 3 more tubes of panoxyl today though, yes 3! the bloody stuff runs out within a week. Wish id seen this earlier.

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Quinoderm make a 5%, too. Called, yup, 'Quinoderm 5'. I've never seen it in shops, but i buy it from eBay for about £4.50 for 50g. I only use about the size of a pound coin, once a day, and it keeps me pretty much clear.

Does make your face red for the 3 or 4 days, though.

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Chris, you gotta make bigger orders of the stuff -- I got like 30 tubes the last time I ordered. :D That's mainly to save on shipping though.

By the way, you're gonna LOVE Dan's BP if you hate Panoxyl as much as I do. Honestly, look forward to it!! It's like applying water to your face compared to Panoxyl, and the dryness/redness is like 90% less severe. Fucking love the stuff, currently waiting for my first order myself (only tried it for a few days before, travel-size ya know) and it was amazing. Never thought something like a skin gel could make me happy before I started on the Regimen, but hell, his stuff is bliss when you've been on Panoxyl for a long time.

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Hi, I bought 2x 8oz of BZ and thought I was within the maximum custom charge....but hey presto - got charged 11.80 for the pleasure. Looks like I can only order 1x 8oz of BZ without getting charged custom rates.

I found from experience that its not necessary to purchase Dans cleanser or moisteriser as I found similiar products in Boots - using Simple products.

good luck everyone

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