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Types of Sugars/Sweeteners Proven to Cause Acne

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Hello everyone,

Here are three sweeteners that cause acne: Xanthan Gum (the worst of all), High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Corn Syrup (the lesser of the three).

I have carried out experiments with these ingredients and I can turn on and off the acne on my face by either eating or not eating foods that have any of these three ingredients.

Xanthan gum will cause large, red zits within two days.

High fructose corn syrup is slower to cause acne than xanthan gum and typically only causes whiteheads to form. However, daily intake over a long period of time will initiate red zits.

Corn syrup is the same as high fructose corn syrup, except that I have to eat more plain corn syrup to get the same effect.

Cain sugar has never caused acne for me.

Summary: do not eat anything with Xanthan gum. Sparingly eat things with High Fructose Corn Syrup and the same for plain Corn Syrup. Cain Sugar is okay.

To give you my credentials: I obtained two engineering degrees simultaneously at a top ranked college. These two degrees (mechanical and electrical engineering) are so difficult when paired together that some of the nations most elite engineering students (Kettering University, formerly known as General Motors Institute) have come to call it the "Suicide Major". So I'm not stupid. I don't mean to be arrogant; I just want to tell you why I am qualified to report on scientific findings even though I am not a skin doctor.

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Your engineering degree doesn't make you anymore credible or qualified when it comes to acne and nutrition than some of the high school students on this board. You don't mean to sound arrogant - but you do - very. You simply made a personal observation - not a generalized nutritional hypothesis.

Just because you know engineering doesn't mean you know anything about health, nutrition or medicine. A degree in one thing does not mean you are certified in another.

That aside, eating cane sugar is not "fine" to eat - especially not the refined stuff and especially not in excess. No sugar in excess is "fine" to eat.

Oh and by the way,

- it's cane sugar, not cain sugar.

- Your second sentence is grammatically poor. "I have carried out experiments with these ingredients and I can turn on and off the acne on my face " might be more logical if it read something along the lines of "I have carried out experiments with these ingredients, discovering that I can control the occurrence of facial acne." or even "...discovering that I can turn my facial acne on or off."

- You forgot a comma in "So I'm not stupid" where it should read "So, I'm not stupid."

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Either way, we already know that HFCS and Corn Syrup cause acne. No need to post a new thread telling us what we already know.

Besides, have you isolated that it is ONLY these three sugars that are the culprits? Obviously, if the foods you're eating contain these, they probably contain a whole bunch of other chemicals and over-processed food material that would cause a breakout.

Just saying.

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And you've obviously tried this "experiment" with other subjects while controlling variables such as amount of sleep, exercise, water intake, stress, and sunshine?

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