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Hey everyone,

here's my situation: I used to have 2 small brown spots or "birthmarks" on my cheek, and they really bothered me. I later found out that laser could remove them, so I gave it a shot. Both birthmarks have had 3 laser treatments each now. One has been treated about 7 months ago and the other around 15 months ago. I must say the brown pigment seems to be gone, but I'm still left with red/purple/pinkish marks (which I am told is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Apparently they fade, though 15 months seems rather long no? Another issue is that when I wash or shave my face, or even touch the spots, they tend to "flare up" (i.e turn bright red) and this concerns me as it seems this should have stopped by now, no? (My skin is not really sensitive, only the two pinkish spots that have been treated with the laser are).

I guess my basic questions are this:

1) Do ALL red/purple/pink mark's fade? (Even if they were caused by laser and not acne?)

2) Does the skin sensitivity ever stop (will it stop flaring up when touched, shaving etc.)

3) Is it possible that because the spots were brown before and not normal colour skin that they will not fade to normal color skin, rather stay some weird purply/pinkish color?


This has really knocked my confidence and is affecting my life in a negative way... seriously.

(P.s I'm 19, male)

Any and all answers are much appreciated,


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