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bp stopped working after 2 years :(

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i was on this regimen for 2 years and it worked until a month ago. i encounter around 2-3 new pimples everyday. :( i'm still using bp and it seems like it's not working anymore. i tried to increase the amount and my face was SO red and dry that i had to stop using it for a day.

i guess the worsening of my skin is also attributed to my mood too. recently, i've been going through a minor depression due to the break out. as i'm getting 'older' now, most people around me are having clear skin. in fact, some of them have already moved onto anti-wrinkles products while i'm still breaking out like a teenager. does anyone has similiar experience? what should i do now? should i continue with this regimen? :(

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Have you filled out this questionnaire?

Sometimes people that have been on The Regimen for a long time stop being so precise about it without even realizing it.

Thanks =) i will perhaps increase the amount and see how it goes. :(

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Thats why you change your cleaser and bp over time. I have been on the regime for like 6 years. I change products once my skin starts breking out again. Its because the bacteria has become resistance.

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